iPad Charging Issue

I use an iPad with two systems. In my main one it controls a Melco N100 and in the other a Naim Muso QB2.

I use the charger from my MacBook Air with an adapter to charge it. For some reason it seems to take an eternity to reach full charge. It was on overnight and this morning only 68% charged! The MacBook charger is more powerful than the one supplied with the iPad and charges the Macbook to 100% in no time at all.

What gives? Any ideas?

The iPad will have a charging limit that is a lot lower than a MacBook. I would probably stick with the charger it came with.

But I also wonder whether your iPad battery is on its way out. How old is it and are you having to charge it frequently despite not using it much?

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Thanks David. The iPad is only around a year or so old and is only ever used for the hi-fi as a remote with the Melco or Naim app. So it just sleeps when no music being played.

What I have noticed, and don’t understand, is that if it is charged to say 50% and I don’t use it for 24 hrs or so then it has sometimes fallen to around 35% charge or so. But it’s only been sleeping!

If you go to Battery in Setup, then you can see which app has been using the power while you aren’t using it. There are multiple settings that can affect battery consumption, but if you aren’t using dozens of apps, then it shouldn’t use that much while you sleep (as long as you haven’t got “Stay Connected” selected in the Naim app of course!)


Check if Bluetooth is on - is is, by default, in IPad OS and in iOS. Switch it off in Settings.
It will eat power…!

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Thanks David and Ian. I’ll check this out.

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The MacBook charger is probably rated at 30Watts, but your iPad probably wont take that hight a charge - more likely 10 Watts, so it will automatically scale it down. The adaptor you have may be dumping it down too far for safety reasons.

Have you tried a normal USB charger? Is the iPad Lightening connector or USB-C

Under Setting/battery/ Battery Health is Optimised Battery charging on. In which case it may have charged to a peak of 80% over night, then some app drained it further

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I always make sure there are no apps running in the background and also only charge with the charger it came with.
Best to fully run down and charge your pad fully as many little top ups create a memory effect in the battery.
Oh and always check Bluetooth after every software update they always switch it on whether you want it or not.
Hope this helps. :+1:t2:

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It’s not recommended to charge an iPad with the Mac charger. I would think you have buggered up your iPad.

It is a Lightening connector so I bought a small USB-C to Lightening adapter since the MacBook charger is USB-C.

My understanding is that provided the voltage is the same then using a more powerful adapter will be fine. Any connected device will only draw the current appropriate for itself. Same as more powerful hi-fi supplies. Apple say that all their power supplies are completelely interchangeable. I’ll try the original adapter anyway just to see what happens.

Not my understanding. I read that Apple say that all their chargers are inter-changeable. Provided the output voltage isn’t any higher then I don’t see why there should be an issue. I could be wrong of course, but that’s what I read - or I wouldn’t have done it.

You’ve broken it.

If you have a higher-wattage USB-C power adapter – such as the one that came with your Mac laptop – you can use it with your iPad for faster charging. You can also charge your iPad by connecting it to the USB-C port on your computer.23 Mar 2023


Charge and connect with the USB-C port on your iPad

Apple Support
](Charge and connect with the USB-C port on your iPad – Apple Support (UK))

I’m a heavy iPad user so my advice would be, as well as some of the above, ensure auto update is set to off for iOS and all apps. Next if auto bacups are performed to the cloud, consider turning that off. Finally, every few days, I close all apps, then power off the iPad and allow it to power back up, when connecting for charging.
If all that fails to address your issue, then after a backup, consider “Settings / General / Reset” (NOT delete of course. You will have to re-input some login details, but data et al will not be lost.
It is also worth using the apple iPad charger as other peps have suggested, regardless of what other advice is offered; thats what I do and I have no issues.

edit - one of the aspects that may cause battery drain is if any apps have “location” switched on. Does the battery drain occur when you totally switch off the unit, rather than set it to sleep?

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I only use one app on this iPad - the Melco app. After using it I always close the app by swiping it up off the screen. I read that apps left open will close by themselves after a certain time. Is this correct? Am I doing something wrong?

I rarely switch if off - just press the home button to initiate sleep mode. or should I be doing something else?

I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. However, without you intending to interact, any app loaded will have to some degree a mind of its own. I’m not sure about the “close by themselves”, but I rather think not. Try working through a few of the suggestions peps have offered.
Until you resolve what the underlying issue is, stick with the correct charger. I had a problem charging with an incorrect charger earlier, on an iPhone.
It may be worthwhile doing the reset I described, to clear everything out. Finally PJL you suggest only using one app, but how many are installed? Many will be by default and taht will potentially cause an issue - maps for example using location.

edit - just realised you have suggested “press home button”. Is this iPad only a year old, or a year old to you, since many (but not all) of the recent models have dropped the home button?

Can you take it into a local Apple Store? They can get into the “service menus & diagnostics”, that they keep hidden from us riff-raff :grinning:


Isn’t that what you find when you take the back off, haha?

I’ve had it for around a year. It has the round button on side of the screen - this is the ‘home’ button I thought Actually, I was getting confused. I press this button to close the app down to the bottom of the screen - to the whatever it’s called bar. I then swipe up on the screen so that the app goes up off the screen I then press the button on the side once to initiate sleep. Is this correct?