iPad country or origin?

Would this be better in The Padded Cell or Home Theatre sections?

Our ND555 is controlled by an iPad2 which is a bit of an old nail now. It looks like it may be time for a shiny new iPad.

Does anyone know if the iPads available from Apple UK website are delivered from within the UK. Yes, you’ve guessed it -it’s Brexit related and I’ll be a bit pissed if the courier slaps another fifty quid on it.


The price on the apple uk website is the price you pay. nothing more.

Hi harry,

Not sure about new products but ordered an imac refurb direct from apple uk last week, no additional charges when delivered.


They ship from Leicestershire

Thank you all. Your info is very much appreciated.

Even when they ship from outside the UK, they still deal with all the taxes etc. So the website price is the price you pay.



Thank you David.

I also had a chat with them this morning and have taken the plunge.

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