iPad Pro ndac

In my country the only streaming service working is Apple Music. I own a new iPad Pro and I would like to use it with Apple Music and with local apple library.
I need 2 advices:
Do you see any problem in connecting the iPad Pro to ndac using an usb spdif conv?
Do you think that it is possible to use an external storage to store the iTunes library ?

Thanks a lot

Hi Pietro
The NDAC is a certified “Made for iPhone” device as it was released back when iPods and iTunes were still very popular. As far as I’m aware this means that it should still work with Apple Music through the USB ports. Maybe worth trying this if you haven’t already done so before adding a converter.

Ciao @ChrisSU you re right, I didn’t think to the simplest solution. Thanks
In terms of sq will it be the best?

When you have tried it, you will be able to tell us!

Hahaha @davidhendon so we have to wait long time, my dac is in the Egyptian custom waiting to be released

I tried this with my NDX, which is a very similar USB implementation, and it sounded OK with lossless files stored in iTunes. I couldn’t say how that would compare with a converter into SPDIF.
Another easy thing to try for locally stored files is to put them on a USB memory stick, which can give very good sound quality.

If it’s any help I’ve used an iPad via USB into my Ndac and was very impressed with the results. This was in the context of a 500 system, so it should have shown up any flaws. It’s taken a reasonable streamer, a fancy switch and some trials with various ethernet cables to beat it. However, I wasn’t using Apple I was streaming Qobuz.

I think one advantage of the iPad is the lack of streaming ‘noise’ i.e. no mains supply or other mechanical interference in the signal path. It’s noticeable how stable and quiet it all sounds. You have to play around a lot with a streaming platform to get closer.

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