Ipad streaming Apple Music app to old system via wifi or BT

Hallo every one. Tried to do a search previously, there in the forums, but no success, helas. So here I am.
I’ve got this new Ipad 5th generation, and via connector usb-c male to mini jack female, plus a Flashback cable minijack male to din, I’m connecting it all to my old Nap 32-5. It works wonders
By the way Thursday I should receive my new Dragonfly cobalt and I’m expecting further improvements. However (one’s never satisfied, isn’t? :wink:), I’d like to be able to connect the Ipad to the Nap 32-5, via bluetooth, or even better via wifi, if possible, it performs superior audio I’ve herd. There are on the market several devices, (only BT as far as I’ve seen) but the point his, has someone here tried one or some, and, furthermore, there is one specific device that would give best results given the setup I have? Many thanks to all the wiling repliers, and to the silent readers as well, have you all a nice and musical day. Kind Regards. Andrea, from Italy

If I understand correctly you would like to make a wireless network connection from your ipad to a device which in turn connects to your analogue amplifier. If you feel confident to work with linux computers one solution which I have found reproduces very high quality analogue output is the Raspberry Pi with the Blokas Pisound card.
This uses the very popular Burr Brown chipsets for digital to analogue conversion and high quality full size connectors. It also has a good quality volume control which avoids any signal level issues.
I use the Moode audio operating system on the PI but the choice is very wide.

I have virtually no knowledge of the Ipad but I understand that it is possible to install DLNA service apps so this would be one way of sending content wirelessly to the Raspberry Pi.

If you already have the Dragonfly and are happy with the analogue output you could also consider using this with the standard Pi. Incidentally one of the strengths of the Moode software is that the Pi can be run “headless” that is to say without display or keyboard/mouse. It uses an html interface compatible with any browser ( such as you Ipad has).

Does Moode OS have Tidal Connect built in yet?

Thank you for your detailed answer. Sadly enough, I’ve not knowledge of any of the devices you’re mentioning there. I googled Rasperry Pi and it turns out it is a tablet? But I’ve got already my IPad brand new… and as for Linux, beside the friend of Charley Brown, I know nothing about it. One thing I do not understand…. In the end you mention a compatibility b/w Pi (a tablet, right?) and the browser of my IPad…. This puzzles me…. Perhaps I’m missing something, “something” being a quite huge understatement……

Sorry that my suggestions isn’t suitable for you. Its always difficult to know whether posters fall in to the category of those who enjoy being technically creative as opposed to those who just seek a turnkey solution off the shelf. Raspberry Pi is in fact a small and highly versatile single board computer not a tablet but I won’t trouble you with more detail. Hopefully other contributors will suggest plug and play solutions which provide wireless link input from Ipad and analogue output to your amplifier.

Dear friend I really appreciate your frank and clear understanding of my needs…. That’s kind, I’d say.
And thank you for your wish, too!!!
Have a nice one,
Kind Regards

Without moving to a dedicated streamer (which could be anything from a raspberry pi to a bluesound node to an nd555 and many in between) into the 32.5, I think you’ll find the dragonfly between the iPad and preamp will bring a good improvement over the analogue output of the iPad by itself. Do you need the camera connection kit to make it work? i.e., iPad to camera connection kit (cck) to dragonfly, then dragonfly output to 32.5. Or can the dragonfly connect directly to the iPad? I have to use a cck with eg my chord mojo.

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