iPad streaming Spotify Connect on Uniti Atom

Often when I am streaming Spotify Connect using my iPad, I like to surf the web. Sometimes there will be audio, for example a video advertisement or some such thing, but if I turn down the volume on the iPad, it concomitantly turns down the volume on Spotify. I was hoping there was some way to control this, so that the volume setting on the iPad is not used. This is how my Cambridge streamer works and it is very convenient.
I would also like to make a suggestion about the use of headphones. For some reason, virtually every manufacturer forces the speaker off when headphones are inserted. This is not a good thing for a number of reasons, and on a unit that is as much of a computer as an audio device, seems nothing more than a design remnant. As my hearing of conversations is not so good, I like to listen to the TV with headphones, but if I get up to get a snack, etc. I would like to continue being able to listen when I take my headphones off - or on the rare occasion that I am watching with a guest, I would like to use the headphones and the speakers simultaneously. Another scenario is when I am listening to headphones and am drifting off. When I take them off, I would like to continue to listen to the music, but in this case I have to get up and unplug them. A third scenario is that it is convenient to just keep them plugged in at all times.

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