iPad streaming…

… forgive me, quite late to the party here; very much appreciate Tidal after the intro that came with the Muso.

So also iPad 7- Airplay2-Airport-optical out to DAC, then in via RCA/DIN to 5 italic.

Yesterday I dragged out an iPad 2, Apple 30-pin to RCA AV cable & hooked up that to the 5i.

All lossless files ripped from CDs, digital radio streaming in Safari or Chrome….

While I’m well-pleased with the result, is there anything else I could be doing to optimize the source?

Frankly I’ve been happy with 3.5mm front input & an iPhone 6S; A/B comparison gives the iPad setup the nod so far.

DAC quality? Worth a read here…


Outside of the iPads, I’ve A/B tested against the two DACs I have in use… a Rega DAC & a tube-output CAL Sigma .

Little if any difference whatsoever.

Frankly, using the iPhone 4S alone with a drugstore 3.5mm cable in the front panel is effective.

Unlikely I’ll drop $3k on a dedicated streamer.

“Few people realize that Apple iOS devices have some of the best audio digital-to-analog converters and low-impedance headphone amplifiers available at any price.”

Either we’re all delusional and should be trading in our streamer/players for an iPad . . . or he’s exaggerating.

It’s certainly worth taking a serious look at the measurements Mr. Rockwell has published.

Little to argue with there.

I can confirm that with extensive A/B testing it’s entirely feasible to enjoy CD quality sound from both Airport2 , optical feed to a DAC or hardwiring via the 30-pin & RCA/DIN cabling.

Try it, you just might concur.

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