Ipad with app Naim

I use an ND5xs2 and as a remote control I use an ipad2 and a new iPad 10.2 ". I don’t like that the Naim App turns off after a few minutes. I would always like to see the album cover or Internet radio. How can I do that? Just go to settings iPad and say never automatic shutdown? Thanks.

Go to settings, display and brightness, auto lock you can choose between various options including never.

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My iPhone and iPad stay on when on the Naim app - I suspect the option in the Naim app might be Other Settings/Stay Connected turned on

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Yes, Stay Connected will stop the iPad from going to sleep. Obviously it will run down the battery faster.

I have stay connected enabled that I run with an iPad case cover, that sleeps the iPad when closed & saves battery, but when opened it’s instantly awake.
Just an idea to add to considerations of what to do


Thanks Mike, solved. All right. It is important to only act on the Naim app by ticking “Keep Connected”. If the app is open, it NEVER closes, but if it is not open and any other app is open, the iPhone or iPad turns off the screen after the time set on the general settings of the iphone or ipad. But now I wanted to know if Naim is open on the iPhone would it be possible to have it also open in another device? Says busy, turn off more and try again!

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