iPadOS 16.1

I found problems after updating from iPadOS 15.7 to 16.1 (released yesterday)
App 6.0.1 does not find the NAS (UPnP) without a lot fiddling & has more Finding Rooms problems than I had before.
I’ve reported it to the Naim beta team.

It’s up to you, but suggest you think about holding back on iPadOs 16.1 until Naim have investigated & have a fix.

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Updated to 16.1 on iPad. Rebooted router and servers. Found Melco n10 running minimserver and played a track. Has now lost access to melco server. It does find synology nas running minimserver and the native synology upnp server. Correction. N10 finally arrived but then all servers have now disappeared. Suspect if I wait they will come back but not a very usable solution. Happy to provide more info as required.

No problem with the latest 16.1. iPad Pro 2018 finds my Melco.

Also no problems here. iPad OS 16.1 and IOS 16.1 working fine with the current Naim app and my Core.

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No problems on either of my iPads after the update with the App, Streamers (3) or access to my Core.

Further to this thread
Last evening I had a nonstop 5 hour session, and included some experimenting.
The app is now working normally, no finding rooms and no problems finding NAS, plus it woke NAS from hibernation when I tested this morning.

Not convinced, nothings been changed or updated, it’s on the watch list

I have same on iPhone after upgraded to IOS 16, your iPad problem is resolved?

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