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A quick question for @Richard.Dane here. Is there anything that the app developers could do to make portrait view usable on an iPhone XS (and possibly other models?) At the moment, the top and bottom bars take up far more of the screen than they need to, and they make reading a thread a bit like peering through a letterbox. (Not that I spend my time peering through people’s letterboxes, you understand!)

Also, what this screenshot doesn’t show is that there is a section of the screen missing on an iPhone X to make room for the front camera, and that cuts off the first few letters of each line of text.

Do you mean landscape?

Chris, I’ll show this thread to our web developer.

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This is on an iPhone XS and I don’t seem to lose the bottom part of the screen:

This is using the web interface in Safari rather than the app, though…

Well spotted, of course it’s landscape.

I’ve been using the DiscourseHub app, and you’re right, there is no bottom bar in Safari. What you do get, though, is an extra top bar:

You only get this when you swipe down, but if you need to swipe up to get to the right place, in either case it reappears.

I always have the top-most bar, but its size depends whether you swipe or not:

Blimey David - you’ve changed!

I’ve heard back from our Web Developer and unfortunately it seems to be something with the current App that he cannot change. A workaround is to use the site through a browser. Of course there may be a Discourse update in future that improves things for the iPhone XS, but no word on this as yet.

Thanks for trying, Richard. Even in Safari, it’s often impossible to view a photo in landscape, but it is a little better.

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