IPL Acoustics - retirement of owner

I’m sure many of you will have read about my experiences of IPL Transmission Line speakers, supplied in kit form and assembled at home or by an assembler.

I have a pair of M1TLm transmission lines, and without a doubt they are the best speakers I have ever heard. The other day I browsed to his website to see the message that he had closed his business due to his retirement. It’s a shame someone can’t take it over and carry on. Hope his retirement is a happy and long one.

Yes indeed. I haven’t heard any IPLs for myself, but they’d been going a good few years - and personally I’ve found transmission lines give the best sounding bass if any speakers I’ve heard.

I agree. Transmission lines give a deep bass, but never sounds bloated. A lot of speakers do bass very well, but they tend to appear as colouration or as an artifact of what was recorded. That why I like them so much. I love bass (bit of a basshead) but it has to be properly reproduced.

I must admit I was wondering how much longer he would keep going. Great shame I had three kits of him, countless other bits and pieces. Excellent to deal with and really helpful.

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