iPod Classic ear phones

When listening to music when I am walking or cycling I use an 2011 iPod Classic 6th generation with Bose Soundsport earphones which control the iPod by an inline remote. The Soundsport earphones cost £45 in 2019, but are no longer manufactured. Best price I can find for refurbished is £63. Any suggestions for an alternative? Obviosly wireless is no good unless I buy a transmitter?

For the price I don’t think you will find much better than Flares Jet 3 earbuds. I use them with a classic and am very happy with them.

i would not cycle with headphones! bit dangerous to be cut off from traffic


Especially with more electric cars on the roads these days, hearing traffic approach from behind is vital for me when out on my bike.


Frankly I’m afraid to cycle a bike anywhere these days due to the traffic but our son does and uses one of the Aftershokz headphones with bone conduction technology. He has the Aeropex wireless model which he says are pretty nifty, but certainly not audiophile.

They are certainly safer than earbuds - music is ok but he prefers them for podcasts. He says they work better with voice vs. music, but that may just be that voice frequencies can transmit through bones whereas higher frequencies can’t so well.

The is my first post since the old naimaudio forum closed down but one can’t rush these things!


Thank you for the recommendation of Flares Jet 3 they look and probably sound cool. However I managed to track down some refurbished Bose Soundsport on eBay for £36.00 so sorted for the moment.

As for earphones whilst cycling that’s another topic but as long as they are not noise cancelling which Bose Soundsport aren’t I feel safe, you will never hear an electric car creeping up behind you.

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