iPod question

Hello folks,

I’m really enjoying my Qb2, blown away to be honest.

I was thinking of transferring all of my CDs onto my iPod Classic (the last re-issue) but I just tried it via the USB port and the Naim app recognises it but nothing is identifiable, folders just say something like FO4 or FO24 and when I open them the tracks just show something like xpfgt.mp4.

When it plays the track though, the app shows track name and artist and the artwok all at the bottom of the app.

Am I doing something wrong? I don’t want to take the time to redo all of my CD’s (they’re in ACC at the moment) only to find that they aren’t easily useable.

Is there an alternative that won’t cost a lot of money? I thought about a NAS but I’m a bit of a numpty when it comes to things like that.


You aren’t using a upnp server, so your only option just now - without adding hardware or software - is to do what you are doing.
Or use your iPod as a source and drive it from the iPod rather than using the app to scroll through the folders and files.
Really you want all your music in flac or wav format. If it’s lossless Apple audio then you can convert to another format if you so desire.

Don’t know about the QB2 but I can’t tell the difference between apple lossless and Flac in my system. I think the latest Naim generation streamers don’t seem to be as bothered

Thanks, I’ll try that later, I thought you had to use the app or the dial to control everything, never thought about just selecting USB and hitting play on the iPod, Doh! Senior moment.

Do you know of a good value upnp server? I know I can Google it but it’s better to be recommended.


Minimserver or asset
Minimserver is 28 gbp for year 1, and afterwards you renew for 10 gbp per year
Asset is 34 euro one off payment

Thanks, looks like Asset would be the one I’d go for but do I need that if I’ve got hardware with my music on? Sorry for not understanding, when I said “server”, in my head I was thinking hardware server.
Please excuse my ignorance.

You would typically have a nas (network attached storage) which can also run a upnp server. Or an “always on” computer that can do the same.

Thanks, I’m looking into it on another thread I’ve started :slight_smile:

I’ve just tried my iPod, and when it’s connected to the Qb it is unusable, it either says “Syncing” or “Eject to disconnect”, but it does play music I just have no control over it and whenever I plug it in it starts from the same place as it did the last time I plugged it in.



You probably need to use the 3.5mm stereo jack input at the back.

Good thinking, I was being a bit narrow minded,


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