Ipod/USB use Superuniti vs NDX2

When coupling my iphone (ios15) to the USB socket of a Superuniti (legacy 4.8 update done), i was able to see and play the downloaded albums in Apple-music on the superuniti via the Naim App
Doing the same with te NDX2, nothing showed up not was playable via the naim-app.

Any advice to also play my “ipod” music on the NDX-2?

(this of course to fully use te apple music update)

You can’t use iOS devices via USB on the current streamers. Naim provided this on the 1st gen. streamers (along with full Apple approved ‘Made for iPhone’ support) because they chose not to add AirPlay support.
The new models have AirPlay instead, so that is your option - or Chromecast.

Hi Chris
Thank for the clear advise.

May be Naim could re-instate the “made for Iphone” support for NDX2 etc.

You can ask, but I think it’s unlikely they will want to go down this route having implemented AirPlay.

If you have music stored on an iPod rather than streamed from Apple Music just copy it to USB storage and connect that to a port on the streamer.

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