IR Out in ND5 XS2

What is the IR Out in the ND5 XS2? Can this be connected to the Remote In of the Nait XS3? If yes, what can this connection do?

This can allow you to use system automation, whereby you can control the volume on the amp via the Naim App.

More details can be found here;

Thanks, Richard.

Does that need a mono or stereo 3.5mm lead @Richard.Dane?

You only need a mono lead, but either will work.

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As Chris says, either should work.

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… like wot Chris sez, mono and/or stereo both work, and don’t go mad on money, it has no effect on SQ. Get one that’s the right length, and think about a one with 90 degree angle plugs if it suits your set up better than straight out

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Will the 3.5mm lead between ndx2 & 282 allow me to use the ndx2 remote to control volume on the 282 please?
Thus have one remote rather than two!

Yes. It’s an RCA on the 282 though. Also can be controlled via the Naim app.

Yes - it can be used both ways.
I use my Supernait NARCOM-4 in preference to the clunky NDX Narcom-5.
But with System Auto the iPad app does it all better.

Awww. The ND5XS2 and the NAIT XS3 do not come with a free cable for this.

So I can buy any generic 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable / plug combo?

Yes - any/most electronics stores, or search www & you might find “the big river” has more than most.

Great thanks, just ordered one!

Consider yourself lucky! Mine cost 65 pence from an online seller via eBay. A Naim branded one might not be so cheap.

thanks, just ordered one!

Ok, so I linked together the ND5XS2 and XS3 via a 3.5mm to 3.5mm plug cable. I can now control the up and down of the XS3’s volume via the Naim app. But whenever I change source like from internet radio to Spotify, the input changes from Streamer to CD. Am I doing something wrong, or do I have to “configure” something else?

What do you have configured as “Preamp Streamer Input” in the app under System Automation?

This drove me nuts as well: if @Suedkiez 's advice does not work and you have chosen the right input in the Naim app - there is a hidden function in the amplifier called “automatic input switching”. I don’t know why but this function is described in the XS2/SN2 integrated manual but is omitted in the XS3/SN3 manual. You need to turn automatic input switching off, best way to do this is to follow the instructions in the .pdf manual of these devices (easy to google).

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Crazy. Thanks, did not know. Naim is not making it easy getting System Automation to work!

I wonder why it is not described in the manual as it is a very useful function if you have more than 2 devices connected to your amp. It works brilliantly, as you can go between the remote and the naim app without having to select the right input on your amp. The only caveat for me is that it does not work from within Roon :slight_smile: