iRadio Preset Issue


Essentially I can’t change stations using presets.

When adding iRadio stations to my favourites/presets they appear fine using the IOS app. However when I go to actually play them they rarely work most of the time and regardless of which station I press I keep getting the same 1 or 2 stations playing instead ie I’m playing 5Live then press Radio 2 it will show radio 2 as text playing but the logo stays in 5Live and it’s actually 5Live playing.


Try the app reset in ‘Settings’.
After that it might be worth clearing the iOS RAM - double click the home button & swipe up & off all the saved screens & then power cycle.

Just done that, makes no difference. Even the 272 front screen shows the station it should be on rather than the station that is actually playing.

… oh err, maybe time for a whole system power cycle to zap what could be a confused/bad link.
Turn it all off, leave it for 5 mins so the ISP knows its off line. Turn on the wireless hub (router) first (let it finish) then NAS, then 272 & then the iOS.

Probably enough just to restart the 272 which only takes a minute so I would probably try that first if it were me.


Factory reset on the 272 fixed it.

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