Iradio Stations not working?

Since a couple of days my atom and muso qb are not able to receive the two german radio stations WDR 2 and WDR 4.
All other stations working fine.
Tested the avaibility with my mobile and Alexa positive, so there is something wrong at the Naim side. Does anyone has the same problem or know how to fix?

Aha; I don’t play it often, but 1live did not work for me either on Saturday (?).
Maybe some change on WDR side, which hasn’t propagated yet to the index?

Thanks and good to know that this is something out of my hands.
As written before the stations do work with other equipment.
Hopefully there is someone from NAIM picking up?

Seems vTuner (the service used by Naim) is having issues with the WDR streams.

Searching for WDR here:

I’m not sure, if vTuner picks this up on their own or how quick Naim staff will be (coming back from season vacation) to ask them about the status here.

PS: SWR and MDR are working; so it seems to be really WDR specific.
PPS: For non-Germans: these are different regional (sub-)networks of our biggest public service TV/radio network.

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Hi @guenter

This radio network changed their cdn on new years day, which broke internet radio directory listings including VTuner.

We’ve already informed VTuner, so the change should be done shortly.

VTuner have updated quite a few others in the last few days as various radio networks switched providers at the start of the year, with no notice given.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


I did not check during the day, but by the end of it it’s working again! :white_check_mark:

I was a great fan of the offshore stations in the 1960s and until recently Wonderful Radio London 266 was available on vtuner and therefore on my qB when I fancied a bit of nostalgia. This is no longer working although the icon is still showing in the Naim app. Perhaps Steve could make enquiries, many thanks.


Hi all,

As a few of you have noticed the German WDR network is working again. There is a bit of tidying up to do as there is a rogue Bochum entry in the database, but at least all the areas are now working as intended.

RE: @MichaelF - Wonderful Radio London 266 - we’ve reported it to VTuner. Again, URL has changed. These ones can be a labour of love to keep going as often run by hobbyists and be constantly moving around different servers. Lets keep an eye on this one.

Best wishes


Thanks for your help Steve.

Need to recall, since a couple of days the German Radiostation WDR 2 or WDR 4 is not working.
My wife forced me to install an Alexa in the meantime being able to listen to her favourite stations.
Hope they are back soon, had to have Alexa in the living room, not even talking about sound quality.
But it is something which works as it should, please pick up and get it solved soon;)

Apparently none of WDR - 1, 3, and 5 neither, in addition to 2 and 4, according to the vtuner site. Our taxes at work :wink: I suppose this needs @Stevesky’s intervention again.

Hi Steve,

The stations are still not working for me today January 23rd.
Just wait till it is fixed?


Hi @JoostMollerus

We reported it to VTuner early Saturday, so hopefully they will correct it soon.



Wonderful Radio London 266 is now back on thanks for alerting VTuner Steve,

Hi Michael,

A pleasure. As mentioned on a different thread, VTuner have had a few wobbles recently, especially in Germany + it seems to be the season of radio stations to move their servers without any notice. Vtuner are catching most of the main ones now.

Best regards


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Is it possible/better/faster to directly report such issues to vTuner ourselves?

Hi @PhilippVH

VTuner do have a report a link failed via their website ( Contact vTuner ), but as we have a service contract agreement with them + a B2B relationship, it’s typically more responsive if we do it. On some stations it’s not as clear cut as it looks on what should be done, as some broadcasters do some crazy stuff with their radio streams.




Hi @Stevesky ,

thanks for the answer an explanation!

Best regards

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