Tidal fine this morning (makes a nice change).

No iRadio. How about you? :rage:

Iradio down on my mu-so qb but fine on my ns01. Old technology rules this morning. Fortunately I can stream radio from other devices.

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No iRadio for me either. I’m just receiving the message “stopped”. Not very helpful.

I’ve got BBC radio but local radio wil not connect.

So I’ve just emailed support to flag this and the Tidal dropout thing. Ooh. Just got a “ticket” number…

iRadio Presets only are working for me (UK Oxford)
BBC 2 & 3, R.Oxford, all the Naim Choice Paradise’s, Naim Radio & Linn Jazz.
The Home Screen iRadio icon will not open to allow browsing

fyi @Stevesky

In Coatia is all down… no steaming of anything… hope will come soon back

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I radio down it seems.

Thank god, it’s not my NDX …

Here in the Netherlands also no iRadio.

Only Naim radio is playing now. At yours?

Strange. All stations, preset or otherwise, appear to be working fine here - I’m also Oxford based.

I switched my NDX off and on but no sound. On display it says “connected” but nog sound. Only naim radio.

Just tried connecting to a preset local station but got connected to Radio2 HD rather strange located near Bristol UK.

Same problem for me in France. None of the presets work and when I try going into iRadio I get nowhere.

I’ve emailed Naim to ask if there’s a known issue at present.

Same here in Sweden

Silence in the Netherlands …

Hi All,

VTuner have been having a few technical issues as of early this morning. Vtuner station ID to actual station URL is currently broken.

It’s being worked on and should be back up soon.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

Thanks for the prompt reaction, Steve. :clap:

Sorted for me

Hi All,

Internet radio services should be back to normal now.

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director