Ironman Hawaii

Doing triathlon on my own (amateur of course) I have seen Ironman competition last night. And I’m quite impressed by German performance:
Jan Frodeno made first place third time and put a new record on the race while Anne Haug won first place as first German women in Hawaii’s history. Third place at men’s race was taken by Sebastian Kienle, while Laura Philipp made fourth place on her Hawaii debut! Congratulations!! :blush:
Congratulation also to Tim O’Donnell from the US (2nd) and Lucy Charles-Barclay from UK (2nd after leading women’s race most of the time) and Sarah Crowley from Australia (3rd).
For both men’s and women’s favorities the race ended with a little tradegy. Patrick Lange (GER), winner of 2017 and 2018, had to discontinue after 70km and Daniela Ryf (SUI) finished “just” as 13th after dominating 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
The marathon was done at temperature of 30degC, and, for those of you that do running know that this is already challenging, even without swimming 3.8km and riding 180km before …

I have a deep secret past of doing triathlon, inclding a couple of Ironman distance races. I don’t admit it to my cycling friends.

An old training buddy of mine went back to Ironman last year, 27 years after we trained and raced together in Australia. He set a PB, qualified and then raced (& finished) at Kona (last year). Age really is a state of mind.

Agreed, age is to a big portion a state of mind. Nevertheless, I started triathlon at age of 48, not from nothing, but not doing endurance sports while I was younger (team stuff like volleyball instead, and climbing which I experienced as the most mind-challenging ever). So I’ll never catch up to those who did endurance sport when they were 20, but I can do it in a way having a smile in my face when I finish. I did my first medium distance (half ironman distance) last year and 2nd this year… One need to manage training efforts with job and social life, so long distance is a little out of my range :wink:

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