Is 202/200 capable for Focal 1007s?

Is 202/200 capable for Focal 1007s?

I usually listen to symphony and blues. My room is 20 meter square.

Can anyone give any idea? Thanks!

I looked up what Naim say on driving the 200 , they have it driving what appears to be a very similar speaker the Focal Sopra . The material on the Focal 1007 seems to indicate up to 90 watts , so presuming this is a second hand purchase I would feel reasonably confident.
I’ve had the 200 driving big PMC floor standers for many years

I have a supernait 2 driving Focal 1008 BE2 with excellent results. The 1007 specs should recommend amplification between 25 to 150 watts (please verify) so you should be okay.

Focal 1007be are very efficient and a 200 should drive them fine. They are also capable of revealing more if and when you upgrade the 202/200.

Thanks for the reply! I just read something that Focal loudspeaker actually also need to be fed with a lot of current. So I was confused if 202/200 can handle 1007s for symphonies well

Thanks for reply!

I plan to have 202/200+NAPSC+hicap dr. And heard actually Focal likes big current. So I’m confused

Yes it’s 25-150w. But don’t know if 70w is enough for symphony

you’re probably OK for avoiding clipping. I auditioned 1007Be on a Rega Maia in a room around twice that size and it wasn’t enough but the 200 has a stiffer ps than a Maia. Whether you’ll like it is another matter. Are you buying the speakers or the amps?

I listen to symphonic music. It’s very demanding and difficult to get it sounding right. I would get a 250DR at least. That’s what I have, but even then my eye is on a 300DR for that. I am driving Dynaudio Confidence C2 Platinum.

The first time I heard a pair of 1007be was in a dealer demo when they were being driven my a small Cyrus pre/power and they performed very well. I’ve also heard a pair of their successors, 1008be, driven by a tube power amp and they sang. Yes, a 250 would be better and a 300 even more so, but I still think the 202/200/HC would have enough oomph and quality to drive a pair of 1007be.

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