Is 202/200 combo not suitable to cds3/555ps?

I had cdx2/xps2 and I really enjoyed with 202/200. Layer I upgraded to cds3/555ps but for 1 month already I haven’t had the feeling that cdx2/xps2 + 202/200 gave me before which was so emotional and musical. Maybe both cds3 and 202/300 are very liner? Or I should continue waiting for burning-in?

CDS3 is a great deck.
I’m sure that 202/200 is capable of handling a good source :slight_smile: (not sure what you meant by ‘liner’ her… ‘leaner’ perhaps?)

CDX2/XPS2 has a wholly different presentation to CDS3/555PS. No amount of listening will change that. Much less PRaT on the latter. Much more timbal accuracy.

Thanks for reply. Yes, it should be leaner rather that liner😅

Sure, and also higher resolution. But just a bit leaner? Or I have to wait until it totally burn-in

Definitely not leaner. Far far richer. Patience.

How is there burn in on an old CD player, that’s been in place for a month?


I noticed if a CD player or a amp is switched off for more than several days then it needs long time again to reach the peak even though they are second hand. I don’t know how long it was switched off before arrived my place

A secondhand CD player and PS should reach full potential in a couple of days. Wiring beyond a month will do nothing other than allow you to get used to the new sound. I’ve owned both CDX2/XPS2 and CDS3/555PS. I much prefer the latter, finding it much more natural and real. The former is more of an exciting listen, but more mechanical. If you prefer the latter than the CDS3 may not be for you. Did you try the new player before making the switch? I’m assuming that you have removed the transport bolts and that it’s on a good stand. The CDS3, with its metal feet, is very sensitive to the surface upon which it is placed.

First thing to check; make sure that only DIN or RCA is selected for the output - never both together.

Second thing to check; make sure the feet are all firmly located with no rocking at all. Even the tiniest bit of movement is to be avoided. Naim supply wafer thin shims for ensuring that the metal feet are perfectly secure on any surface when installed.

Double check the Burndy - de-stress and re-form if necessary. make sure it’s not forced up against a wall or bunched up on the floor.

And if that’s to no avail then… the CDS3 is also a much more finicky unit compared to the CDX2. Buying secondhand is always risky with a CDS3 as you just don’t know what has happened to it previously. The inner tray is supported on precision pins that locate in tiny jewelled cups on the end of leaf springs. Any rough handling without the transit bolts in place can dislocate the pins from the cups, can damage (blunt) the pin ends, and misalign the leaf springs. I found out about the latter the hard way when I accidentally dropped a Fraim ball and the player’s back feet clanged off the edge. It sounded distinctly lacking in magic after that. I took it in to the factory and the tray had not only jumped the cups but also needed to have new pins fitted. Any of these issues will seriously impact on the “magic” that this player can achieve. On a few players that were underperforming I have found that at least one pin had jumped out of the cup and was resting on the the metal leaf spring. Check the tray to see how level it is. If it’s off level then definitely have the player checked over.


Sorry to read that your CDS3/555PS is anything less than delightful for you.

Both HH and I have owned both players. As HH says, the CDS3 should be singing like a lark within 1-2 days. Set up is also important, including positioning of the player and ensuring that the Burndy and analogue output cables hang freely, without touching any other cables, walls or the floor.

Finally, I found that not only the power supply but also the head unit gradually went off over 10 years or so. Many recommend leaving the CDS3 unit alone for as long as possible to avoid risking damage to the transport during transit but this didn’t work for us. We found the player to become more uninvolving if left longer than about 8 years without a factory service. After the service, it was gorgeous again. It was also surprising just how many components Naim replaced during each 8 year service (we had it done twice).

So, how long has it been since your units were last serviced?

Best regards, BF

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As others have detailed, a CDS3 player should be singing after 3 days of any switch off. I have owned a CDS3 for the last 11 years from new, it has sat atop my Fraim and never moved apart from the occasional re set of system and subsequent burndy massage. I had a CDX2 before it which always sounded ‘digital’ to me. The S3 is for my ears the most analogue sounding CD player i’ve heard, and can, when matched with the right amp sound positively dynamic and powerful, or refined and sweet, depending on the source material.

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I find that CDS3/555PS optimises after a couple of days from power on but really, it should still be pretty good from the off. As it happens I’ve just had to do that today with some relocation of racks and it sounded fine from switch on. A wonderful CD player !

Looks like it needs a service


Lots of useful advice above. Assuming all is well with the CDS3 it will sound great with a 202 but a 282 will truly open the door on what a CDS3 is capable of.



Maybe but owned 202 and 282 for years

202 can easily show the differences in sources.

My experience with both 202 and 282 is that the 202 will be a bottle -neck on a CD3S/555PS. It will still sound good but not great.

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My one time CDS3 sounded gorgeous into a Nait XS and SBLs.

When you place a finger tip at opposite diagonal corners of the CD tray and press gently, is there even springy movement back? I’m alluding to the pin and cups that Richard mentioned earlier.

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Thanks for replying!

I checked that the four edges are stretchy, so it seems like the leaf springs are in the positions and the tray is also horizontal. Is there any other symptom that I can consider if there is anything wrong with the tray? Or I just a bit over sensitive about this?

Thank you for your reply!

I think it was never been serviced before and it should be more than 14 years old already. you’re right maybe I should service it now.