Is a 2nd Powerline Lite Needed?

After Purchase and install of the HCDR with my Nait XS2. I have discovered the strange looking Naim Powerline Lite mains cable that had came with my HCDR.

Now I am wondering “should I be using one of these on my Nait XS2?”.
Would there be any added benefit?

I have read on the forums that it does wonders with the HCDR, but not heard so much on its potential with the XS2.

Not sure about doing wonders, too much excitement.
Its an IEC ended power cable with a Naim designed 13A plug. It’s the same size cable as the old Naim power cable & is now the standard cable supplied with entry & mid range Naim.

Well doesnt naim usually only bother replacing something if its an improvement?.
As was done with the old grey snaic.

You may get a marginal benefit but I would not expect any more than that. I’d put the money towards dedicated mains if you don’t have that already.

I’m not saying its not an improvement, just raising a question about “that it does wonders with the HCDR”. A touch too much hyperbole maybe.

When I tried different cables - DIY Belden, the old Naim stnd, DIY LoRad, Mark Grant & Naim PL-Lite on my Supernait, NDX & non-Naim PSU’s I found some small improvements, in some case no improvements.
I’ve ended up with PL-Lite on the PSU’s, DIY cable only Mark Grant 2.5 on Supernait & NAT05 & Lapp Olflex to the power dist board.

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