Is a brand new 250DR built in 2020 and sold in 2022 a bit too old already?

Is a 250DR built in 2020 and sold in 2022 a bit too old already?


Too old for what?


A bit like, you go and buy a car, and the dealer lets you choose from their stock in their parking lot. Then you realize all cars were made 1-2 years ago but not like within the last 6 months. I know maybe HiFi products cannot compare to cars, but just ask since I do not have too much experience


Is it ex dem, being sold as new, sealed in the box, or what?

Def not.

It is brand new, never opened

For brand new also?

Hopefully at the 2020 price ?

Otherwise a rip off

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They sold it at the price of 2022…

Then maybe I should give it back?

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That’s not on - gouging - report them

The resale value of a 2 year old NAP250DR is significantly less than an almost new one. When it’s 5 years old it will be worth less than a 3 year old one. I sincerely hope you didn’t pay full (2020) price. It’s basically a demo unit.

Where do you live? It’s only January 2022, so really just over a year from manufacturer. This wouldn’t be unusual here in New Zealand if it had been held in stock by a distributer. But the price should be what it was before the December 2021 price increase. I wouldn’t be concerned that it was manufactured a year ago though. In fact, in could be considered good fortune one was in stock, as the waiting list for new stock is pretty long.

I live in Germany and I ordered it online in a very big and reputable dealer. Actually I didn’t know what’s the price in Germany before the price increasing. My basically thinking was that I didn’t want to wait since the long waiting time at the moment but just didn’t expected it was made in early 2020.

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Yes, reselling value is one thing I consider. I ordered it online and just called them to be sure about the availability, but didn’t ask them about serial number. Just didn’t expect this. Also didn’t expect a 250DR is so hard to be sold.

I think you are over-thinking this. It’s available now at whatever price you can negotiate. It isn’t less valuable or in some way worse because of when it was built. Just keep careful hold of the receipt from the dealer that shows when it was purchased.

I think you are lucky to find a new one in stock anywhere.


I don’t know how consumer law works in Germany. You could probably pursue some course of action I’d have thought. However, if the unit was actually unopened, and never pre-sold, to what outcome will you take this action and will you feel better as a result? That depends on you and each of us will view it differently.

Meanwhile one of the seminal hifi products of the last 50 years is sitting, waiting to entertain and to make you feel better, to focus on music, and to do so for years and years. I would personally focus on the latter.


It seems a little odd that it’s sat in the shop for say 18 months, but with the pandemic strange things happen. If you do sell it, the value of a 2020 model will always be less than that of a 2022 one, and the capacitors degrade whether or not the amplifier is used.

It’s not clear whether you have got it home and are using it, but if you are, you have accepted the item and really just need to live with it. The time to reject it was before you opened the box. The simplest course is just to enjoy it and perhaps learn the lesson to check things before buying in future.

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