Is a Tv Aerial needed in 2023

I have Android Google Play Sony TV. Initial channel scan finds all the usual stuff but was wondering if an aerial is really needed assuming ethernet connection. I cannot see a Freeview app on the playstore but there are things like Freevee and Youview. Bit confused because I assumed that “normal” channels via aerial is in essence Freeview and was therefore assuming a Freeview Play app would be the equivalent via ethernet

Should be Freeview Play… :thinking:

We dont have an aerial connected to our tv and in most situations streaming is fine. The only issue is advert breaks on the More4 and ITVx apps with pixilation and buffering. As its just adverts and not the program itself I think the issue is their end rather than ours.

Correcting The Record.

I cannot see a Freeview or Freeview Play app on my Apple TV box… :thinking:

However Freeview does have … its website says … a ‘mobile app’ which is available on Google Play or in the Apple Store… :expressionless:

(a search using ‘Freeview Play’ should find it…)

Ah… the Apple version is only available for iPhone or iPad… :confused:

I think that explains it… :upside_down_face:

I only do Freeview Terrestrial.
I have 1 Aerial I put up just over a year ago replacing an old “ contract “ aerial.
The Yagi10K is the correct aerial for any transmitter in a good to medium signal area. Yagi 10s have particularly good build quality, they’re exceptionally robust.
I use great quality coax for it.
WF100 / CT100 cable “Double Screened” (copper/copper) & CAI approved.
It is suitable for FM, DAB, TV and Satellite (6.6mm thick and 75 Ohm impedance).
I only have one cable in one piece all the way from the terminals to the back of the set nothing else inline.
We get great reception and signal strength with no glitches.
I find if on occasion we use an app on the smart telly it can be glitchy and buffer.
We have good broadband and almost one line to the box.
Terrestrial HD trumps the lot.
I did it all myself for well under £100. :+1:t2:


Certainly live BBC channels are available via iPlayer - I’m unsure about Channel 4 and ITV but imagine they must be available to stream also. We still have an aerial connection to our main TV, however we probably only watch terrestrial TV for around 20% of the time - most of our viewing is streamed content (mainly Netflix and Prime), plus some BluRays. Tbh I probably could manage without an aerial if I moved to a house without one - if I’m going to watch TV, I want to watch something I’ll enjoy at a time convenient to me - and that is sadly difficult these days with BBC/ITV programming…

If you just want the main channels bbc/itv/c4 then you don’t need an aerial as the streaming apps iplayer etc let you watch live. Bbc is best for that you can start from the beginning if you’re a little late. I think ITVX allows that now. C4 not sure I think it’s just “catchup”.

If you want all the other stuff then an aerial provides this but we never watch anything other than the main channels- there’s too much available even with those!

I have an obsolete sky dish and an obsolete sky receiver. Hook them up to the TV and I can watch about 100 free channels, some HD.

All free. No card or INTERNET required. :grin:

C4 does ‘live’ as well as catch up or streaming… :expressionless:

Your Android Google Play Sony TV has YouView pre- installed.
Yes a terrestrial aerial is a required must have IMO.
My TV’s (Sony & LG) are all primarily terrestrial aerial with ethernet & wifi.
Aerial is a Group L (Ch20-68) 20 element Log Periodic, also a 4G filter that chops Ch 61-68.
Cable is Welbro WP100, wall sockets are F type connectors

We have an aerial for Freeview but hardly ever watch it, a dish for Freesat but watch that less and less to the point of being negligible and so for us most viewing is of the on- demand via internet type.

Not all channels are available free on line so it may depend what you want to watch.

My two Samsung TVs have Freesat built in which I use via a SKY dish I much prefer this option to Freeview. I have about 190 TV and Radio channels in total.

We have an Apple Firestick connected directly (wired) to the network/internet, and a Humax Freesat box which uses the old Ku-band dish (ex-SkyTV). The UHF yagi is unconnected - been in place since we moved in 25+ years ago….and at my age, I’ll be d@mned if I’m going up a bloody ladder to take it down :laughing:

We mostly use the Amazon Firestick.

I don’t have a working aerial and generally get free to air tv through their apps. We use an indoor aerial that’s a pain as it’s extremely temperamental. I’ll definitely be add one to our new house.

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