Is all older Naim gear rubbish?

No it’s not.

I prefer the sound of a well set up Olive system to the modern black boxes. They are not ‘better’ but I prefer the sound.


I agree, and I’ll say the early black boxes weren’t better than the olive kit. The DRs finally got things moving in the right direction again. And the NC is improving on that imo. I would expect new lines to sound better with a company like Naim, a result of years of R&D no less. The fact you can get improved SQ out of fewer boxes is a good thing imo.

For a while now I’ve preferred the simplicity of fully integrated single box systems (think Nova vs Supernait) so the 222 was he right product at the right time for me. The NPX300 was an unplanned splurge, but at least it isn’t adding the requirement for another power cord or third party interconnects.

Despite it’s diminutive nature the Nait 2 remains my pride and joy, and I’m looking forward to hearing what the AV Options Ultimate Upgrade does for it when I get it back (soon).


What do you consider ‘old’?
My Nait 5 and NAP 150 make a nice sound, and they’re not in the first flush of youth. But - what would it cost to upgrade in a way that I’d actually be able to notice the difference? Is it actually worth it?
I keep thinking I’ll upgrade speakers first, then I listen to them (Music Technology Harriers) that were bought in 1999 and I think ‘bloody hell, they’re good’ others may be better, but again at what cost. I’m afraid being over 60 and with time being my most precious thing, I attach a value to these things other than monetary, and spend more time now walking dogs, eating lunch out etc than listening to DSOM and other classics. Sure, music is still a big part of my life but I must be honest and say it’s not as important as it was when I was a younger man when I could spend time selfishly listening to the minutest detail of the latest high quality pressing.
Rant over.


Not a rant at all. Perfectly reasonable summary of where you are now.

Nait 5 is the hero of our home. It’s in use for about 10 hours per day, mostly used by kids playing FIFA, but now watching Saving Private Ryan. Great versatile amp. It there better? Yes. Is it great for the money? There isn’t better.

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You’ll have to tear my NAP 160 bolt down out of my dead cold hands. It sounds amazing and only cost me $450 - from a dealer at that. I need a new car at some point - I don’t need a 555 to enjoy listening to music and have amazing sound…


The NAC52 is a VERY substantial upgrade over an NAC82. I’ve had mine for over 30 years, and would never change it.


Sense of privilege?
Do you think people on here haven’t had life struggles and worked hard for what they have?

Couldnt agree more

My recent demo of the Uniti Atom really highlighted how different the sound was to my olive series system. I suppose it was a bit like watching 4k TV versus the best plasma from 10 years ago - brighter, more saturated, more detailed but not necessarily better

I think overall Naim have had to move more mainstream with their sound, to appeal to a wider audience; certainly with the likes of mu-so and Atom.


Apologies, I reread your original post (after a second cup) and deleted that comment, as I see you were in a spirit of jest, and I was being cranky.

Of course everyone has struggles. Often though the advice of dropping another $10-50k on gear is bandied about as if it was just another trip to the grocers. But I guess that comes with the territory of hanging out on a luxury goods forum (much like the Leica one I also frequent), and I should keep those nagging thoughts to myself. And of course in 99% of the world’s eyes I’d be seen as guilty of spending far too much on hifi as well when a Sonos Play or a ratty old Harman Kardon receiver and some Advents ‘would do.’


I guess it is a question we all ask ourselves occasionally, and indeed have a reality check of how fortunate we are. I guess coming from a working class home and one of six I can be a bit sensitive about privilege vs effort and life choices.


It’s all good, to coin an old cliche.


I hear you. As I sit and drink my organic coffee with oat milk, I can still recall the watery taste of powdered milk from my earliest years.

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You are speaking to the son of a Durham miner.
He worked bloody hard and through music, managed to get himself out of the pits after 25 years. I consider myself comfortable these days, enough to buy Linn and Naim kit. But I don’t forget those people whose day and life, was a bloody hard struggle.
And sometimes on this forum I have to stop myself replying to certain threads. There was one on pensions here recently which I thought ironic - people bitching about the State pension on a ‘luxury goods’ forum. There’s pensioners out there who are struggling. Really struggling.


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