Is an EU supplied NAC-N272 the same inside as a UK supplied NAC-N272

Hi, is a NAC-N272 EU unit different internally to a UK version? It was sold by a UK vendor.

Do I need to get an EU unit configured for UK to avoid any damage to the unit? Thank you v much for any insight.

Identical, except uk models now include a power line lite.

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Mains lead aside (it’s detachable so a simple case of using a UK lead), a UK and EU unit should be the same internally and both will operate on 230V 50Hz power.

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I am slightly disappointed this thread is about an uncontentious subject. For a moment, I was thinking my rainy Tuesday afternoon entertainment would have been reading the plentiful posts that were bound to be flowing in. Instead, I find a reasonable post, asking a sensible and succinct question and two helpful answers. Guess I will have to find something else to do with my wet locked down Tuesday afternoon.


There’s always the CD v Streamer or Switches and Network Cables Shootout threads if you are really struggling Paul.


Or RCA V DIN (that’s USA V Germany)

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It surely is a good title to get Richards full attention!


EU ofcourse, hands down.

This is brilliant, the answers are gratefully received and a great relief, but the banter more enjoyable. Thank you all.

Indeed. It worked.


But why EU vs UK?

Is there now no Euro cup or whatever it was called, instead in each of various sports, a team drawn from the best in all countries to play against a UK team?

Could apply to football, rugby, badminton, tennis, swimming, athletics, rowing, sailing, tiddlywinks…

Read Asterix and the Britons for more examples.

To avoid the thread going off on an unwelcome tangent, I’ve amended the thread title.

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I suspect this amendment, will upset a few manufacturers of medication for high blood pressure :wink: :smiley:

That’s where snake oil really can help.

Spoil sport…


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