Is anyone a Facebook expert?

As some will know, my colleague Mark and I run WemsFest, which puts on live music and other stuff. I’ve recently set up a new Facebook page to replace the group we were running in order to boost exposure and to let us to targeted advertising. Mark set up a page some years ago and we are trying to delete it, to avoid confusion.

The problem we face is that only admins can delete pages. Mark is an editor and is the only role on the page. Editors cannot delete pages, change or assign roles, or add other people - we’d initially thought he could add me as admin and then I could remove him and delete the page. But it seems not. How it ended up with just an editor but no admin is anyone’s guess but we are stuck. He cannot leave the page because it says there would be no admins left, despite there being none at the moment. It seems impossible to report anything to Facebook or get help from them.

Setting aside ideological issues around Facebook, we use it for the company and it’s very good to have it. I’ve spend hours trying to find out how to deal with this and have tried reporting it to no avail. If anyone knows a way around this I’d be so grateful.

  1. Go to the group you want to delete, and click “Members.” Click beside each person’s name, and select “Remove from Group.”
  2. Once you’ve removed everyone else in the group, choose “Leave Group” next to your name.
  3. Click “Leave and Delete”.
  4. And voila! Your Facebook Group is gone.
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Thanks David, that’s exactly how I got rid of the group we had. But the issue is in deleting the old page, given that it has no admin.

Maybe your colleague can edit it to be blank or with just a link to your new site.

That’s exactly what I did yesterday, logging in as Mark. Nonetheless I still want shot of it. It seems bizarre that we have have a page with no admin as theoretically it should not be possible.

You could post something deeply inappropriate there and then report it to Facebook who would delete it for you!

I’m not sure that I should, as one of the directors, but someone else….

I have emailed you a link to a web page from the US which tells you exactly what to do (basically you report a copyright violation and in the process get referred to someone in FB’s page admin office who deals with lost admin rights.)

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Hi HH, I had a similar issue a few months ago. It was resolved in a similar fashion as suggested by David. I had to delete over 700 followers 1 by 1 then remove myself from the group. The page was still searchable for a day or so, but when I next looked it had gone. No opportunity to get back to the page, which is what I wanted.

Thanks. Are you referring to a group or a page?

Hi HH, it was a page. We had two groups onto which we were posting the same information on, so extra unnecessary work.

*Two pages

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