Is anyone unhappy with their New Classic?

So to ask the unthinkable question, has anyone upgraded to the NC 200 Series and not been happy with their decision?

Just a thought….ATB, J

You would rather expect that anyone switching wholesale to the NC 200 Series would audition the components first, so be aware of what to expect. Surely no-one buys without auditioning first these days?

In some regions it may be difficult if not impossible to audition first. We are spoilt in the UK because we have such a great dealer network.

That’s a fair point.

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Auditioning can be quite misleading unless done in your own system.

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Or indeed home :grinning:

Indeed yes, however, I was more thinking of their slightly longer term view, hopefully excluding buyers’ remorse.

Sorry, should have been clearer :smirk:


Very true. A dealer audition can determine whether the proposed gear is worth taking to the next stage. The home audition is vital because it then takes room conditions etc. into account. The main advantage though is that you can take your time and trial it in any way you wish, with whatever music you wish, over your own network/setup.

Another very important factor concerns the approval of whom ever you share your living space with.

I’ve edited the thread title, otherwise it’s quite a broad question…

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Must admit I bought mine without a proper listen/audition. I did hear both at the Bristol and Cranage shows but that was all. I wanted to downsize my system somewhat and don’t regret the change. There is a slight shift in the Naim sound but I truly love listening to my music now. The only thought or nag that I have is that I wonder what the 222 would sound like with a pair of 350’s against my similarly priced 222/300/250?

I wonder how many that aren’t happy would admit to it here


There is at least one I’ve seen. A 222 that has been for sale in Sweden for nearly 2 months. 5 months old. He preferred tube amps it says.

All fine here :control_knobs::man_dancing::+1:t2:

Very happy here unlike when I went from Olive to Classic.

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222 and NAP 350 sounds a lot better than my old N-Vi :sunglasses:

I’m happy with my NC Kit.

Having said that if I should come into some money I may just move up the 300 series.

No, very happy with 200 series. Yes there are better systems out there but happy with performance/cost ratio. If I’d had say NDX2/282/250 Classic system already I would not have bothered. What was driving the question - are you considering NC200?

i tried that comparison a couple of weeks ago at the end of audition of 200 and 300 systems - my initial feeling was that upgrading 250 to 350 did more than adding the 300 to 222 for roughly the same cost i will be going back to make a full comparison of the 2 options before deciding which route to go.

I wondered if that might be the case as so many positive comments on the 350’s, plus some not so good comments re adding 300 to a 222 - ah well - guess I know what my next upgrade would be if the money was available. Not to worry - as I said earlier I still love my system! Thanks for the response.

Having a 555 on my 222 I don’t think I could go to a bare 222 but I could see going 222/555/350(2)