Is BBC website down?

Other sites are opening fine.

Working fine here.

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…and OK here.

But something’s going on as my Windoze/Outlook/Edge browser have been slow PM in to tonight…perhaps another dreaded update on its way, involuntary of course!

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Thanks all.

Very odd - tried a few pages and nothing happens.

Try this:

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Just checked my Settings and I’m right, there’s a major multi-download in progress, which sucks the life out of my (getting) elderly lap-top.

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I think it may be a Safari glitch on Mac - can’t open or refresh BBC pages in normal old tabs/windows.

Opened a Private Browser Window and it works

There’s some kernel_task hogging almost 6GB memory too. May need to reboot.

I get this with Safari sometimes. Either a Safari restart fixes it, or reboot

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I do tend to run Safari with many windows/tabs open but it’s generally stable. I have a lot of links I need to collate and save at the minute but will restart once I’ve done that.

Tried Brave browser later and bbc site opened normally.

I’m currently running 31 tabs. Many years ago I moved to Firefox as Safari couldn’t cope with this, then following a couple of Apple updates it all started working again, so went back. Perhaps large tab numbers can lead to this issue, but saying that it only happens about once a month

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I often have 20+ Safari windows open with several tabs on an old 2012 Mini running High Sierra with 16GB RAM.

I’m lazy shutting things down but it’s often as I want to bookmark them and I tend to do that as a ‘batch’ option.

It’s probably Safari but I have had a few cases where Finder stops working - usually when I’ve got loads of screengrabs on the desktop.

Now wishing I hadn’t bothered with the 8GB M1 Mini a few months ago - think I might have held out for a Mac Studio had I had any inkling they were on the horizon, though it’s an ugly box.

Very nice, but a lot of money

Yes, unfortunately a lot of dosh, same base price in £ or $ too.

Remember UK price includes VAT :flushed:


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State taxes added separately in US from memory.

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