Is it against forum rules to ask this?

Firstly, I apologise if this is against forum rules, but I have no one else to ask.

I want to purchase a XPS DR to complement my NDX 2.

Bearing in mind recent price increases, my dealer is offering an ex demo, XPS DR. (2021) Apparently in mint condition, for a tad under £3000.

Should I bite his hand off?

Sorry again if this breaks any rules.

Sounds good. Bite his hand off. Might be worth checking if it could be done sale or return just in case :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think that is against the rules. That does sound like a reasonable deal to me. I paid a little more than that for mine which was ex demo and 2 years old at the time.

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Hiya James

In case of what? :smiley:

Should this unit come with a Burndy? Saw a couple for sale on that well known auction site, without a Burndy.

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It should come with a Burndy so you’re ready to go :+1:

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Great upgrade for the NDX2. Price is reasonable considering it is coming from a dealer.

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Cheers :+1:

That’s a very good price. 20% off for a one year old dealer ex dem is pretty usual, so this looks like a very good deal.

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I don’t think it breaks any rules - as we are not being made aware of who your dealer is

Thanks HH :+1:

Thanks to all that gave their kind advice.

I have made the purchase. Delivery next Tuesday! :smiley:

Thanks guys


Your question is fine, and within forum rules.


That looks an excellent deal particularly taking into account the supply situation at the moment.

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