Is it just my imagination?

My Naim equipment sits on a Target steel rack with 5 glass shelves each located on 4 1/4” plastic plugs. Or rather it did until 2 days ago when, just for fun, I slipped a steel nut and ballbearing over each of the pins. Is it just my imagination or is the bass more detailed, the mids and highs clearer and the sound, well, wider? It may be in my head but I’m not removing the nuts n balls!

It’s your imagination.

You’ve reinvented the ball nutter.

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Just hang on in there. This lockdown will end eventually and you can go back to doing normal things.




I’ve just listened to a really atmospheric track from the Espen Eriksen Trio, Never Ending January…

I know. It does seem to have been January for ever…

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The old ball nutter, now that harkens back to a time long ago!

I wouldn’t rule anything out in hi-fi!
“If it sounds better, it is better.”
Enjoy your new upgrade! :slight_smile:

Good piece of music though

He’s gone all Jimmy Hughes

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Jimmy Hughes?

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Jimmy was a Hi Fi journalist (and still might be) who wrote for Hi Fi Answers in the 80’s suggesting how you could tweak your system possibly using nuts and ball bearings.

He had quite a reputation for the weird and wonderful most of which I tried out and most of which were low cost for a budget Hi Fi enthusiast at the time.

Thanks for the explanation. I didn’t think I was the first to try it! They do look the biz though!!!

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Happy days. I just got a nice upgrade by moving my Core and Qutest to my main rack on a dedicated mains circuit. Didn’t expect much but got a significant improvement. Cost = 0. :grin:

Ah Jimmy.

2 I remember were playing CDs by pausing and then playing and (if my memory isn’t totally playing tricks with me - and I’m beginning to doubt it as I type) listening to loudspeakers pointing away from you.


Yes the reversed speaker positioning was another of his bizarre ideas. I did ditch my QED speaker cable and replace it with solid core Texas Homecare mains cable!

Sounds like the days of Vuk, closely followed by Naim Fraim, all over again.

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It might be your imagination; but when I added 10mm toughened glass shelves atop tiny ball nutters to every level of my Sound Factory Tripod, it was the best bang-for-the-buck upgrade I’ve ever made.

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I used solid core lighting cable to connect my speakers to my Sansui AU217 for well over a decade if not two, only replaced by NACA5 when I bought a Nait 5. My mission 700s were wired internally with the stuff too, and had all but the back foam piece removed. I later replaced the crossover components with home wound inductors and a polypropylene matched capacitors when I got my hands on an LCR bridge from work. As an exercise in turd polishing I thought it was quite effective, it woke the missions up nicely at the cost of a maybe little more colouration. In this state they saw off a pair of Royd Doublets which a colleague was trying to sell.

Yes, Vuk indeed. Boy that seems quite a long time ago, yet not!