Is it necessary to check the Rega P10 speed accuracy

I read elsewhere that some advise to set up more accurately the speed of the P10. It’s possible to change on the motor controller.
How to check the connect speed. There are apps, but not sure they are so accurate.
Generally Rega tend to turn a bit faster.

Should I bother?
@jlewis or Suedkiez?

Maybe go with the Rega Strobe kit?

…there is a light on the back of the power supply…it flashes every 8 seconds or so to confirm factory settings. I have 2 phone apps…one says thatmy P10 is slightly slow, the other says it is slightly fast.
The instructions in the manual telling you how to change speed are very confusion…in fact, they are wrong.

Does the P10 come with the tool ( Allen key to stick in the hole and twiddle?
P6 doesn’t come with the tool :frowning_face:

For my P8 it didn’t come with a tool even though you can adjust it. The reseller got one from the distributor and sent me. It’s a rather special size. At least outside UK.


That’s the one. I had one when I bought a Neo for my P25.
Something like 1.7mm or some daft size.

Have you tried?

I tried this tool on my P8 Neo and it worked.

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What, it fitted, or you have adjusted the speed correctly?

The tool is made by Rega for speed tuning. It therefor fit and work :wink: It’s a unusual size and I never found it elsewhere so had to get it from Rega. Such a strange decision by them…

I did buy the Rega strobe kit just to cover all bases. This one made a small difference (as opposed to the fancy scales and bias test record, which didn’t) because the speed was very slightly off compared to what the strobe detected. So I ended up adjusting the P10 PS by one notch. (I would not have heard it but peace of mind and all that)

I believe it’s an imperial unit. The tonearm lift height adjuster also is. Yes a bit annoying for the non-UK customer, but you don’t have to use any force for the speed adjustments, and I managed with one of my metric Allen keys

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I can only think they made it an odd size to stop people sticking regular metal sized Allen keys in the hole? Deliberate design decision? Maybe I’m giving them too much credit.

Or just send along this plastic tool (1.7mm) they already make that cost them like nothing since they promote speed adjustment as a feature and include instructions in the manual.


Rega adopted a similar tactic with the arm lift adjjster, I believe.

I will see that Rega strobe kit. Thanks guys.

I tried the True Note app with a printed stroke disc. The app uses the flash to create a reliable strobe light.

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…all good…sorry to say this, but for all us obsessives…do we know that the Rega strobing frequency is perfect?

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Have you checked the speed or you think it’s not worth doing it !

At least it seems to agree with the RPM Speed and Wow app (accelerometer-based) that I also tried. Though we are talking fractions of a tenth anyway