Is it ok to remove banana plugs from bindings while playing music

Is it ok to remove banana plugs from bindings while playing music. I’m wanting to see if trying different configurations (both into the lower bindings, both into the top bindings, and diagonally) makes any audible difference. It will be easier if I can listern as I change them without powering off and on each time.

From the amp end, yes. From the speaker end, only if using Naim plugs.

Other plugs could accidentally touch. Good way to see fireworks on the amp


Not a good idea

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It’s not a good idea any which way to disconnect when playing, & it is a short circuit risk if done at the speaker end.
As to the objective of hearing if there is any difference with different connections, you will not hear any difference while you are busy doing the swap over, if there are any differences it’s very subtle at best & & IME it needs a long listen over maybe a few days to come to a conclusion. You will not get an instant obvious change as it seems you are expecting in this.

Best strategy for me was to play a selection of tracks, turn off, make the change, turn on and listen again to the same selection. Changes are usually very subtle - with some aspects of the recordings mix being more noticeable than others. For me I was looking for the connection that had the most even hand over everything. Not something that reveals itself easily.
Even better is to let the system play for a few weeks and then ask yourself if it needs changing. Sometimes if something does feel wrong it can be an issue that needs sorting elsewhere.

Changing the plugs over at the speaker end should only ever be done with the power amp completely switched off and after it’s power supply has been allowed to drain.

Even with no music playing shorting the speaker cables can very easily blow the output transistors.

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