Is it possible to remove Spotify from the Home screen on NDX2

I’ve disabled the Spotify input on my NDX2 and enabled Tidal.

While this is all reflected perfectly well in the Naim app, Spotify is still present on the Home screen on the NDX2 and there is no sign of Tidal. I tried a power cycle but that didn’t change anything.

Does anyone know if this can be altered or not?

Thank you.

If it the same as a ND555 just go into input setting a and disable or enable input settings as required.

@Aoxomoxoa, I just tried the same thing you did, and got the same results. This using a Nova.

No. Doing that only affects the app, not the home screen on the NDX2 unit.

Any solution to this?

No, you can’t edit what’s on the screen, only the app. Annoyingly, some of the inputs on the app home screen also cannot be removed

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