Is it possible to see servers on NDX2 front panel?

Hello everyone,
I have an NDX2 on home demo at the moment and cannot find a way to display the servers on the front panel or access them through the remote. I can access the servers perfectly well and play music as usual using the Naim app.
The manual says that it’s possible through the front panel. I find it annoying because if you press the input button on the front panel during playback from a server you cannot avoid losing that playback as the NDX2 will switch to whatever input is highlighted, and that cannot be the music server as it doesn’t appear.
I have tried using both ethernet and wifi but it makes no difference.
Maybe it’s the case that you just have to use the app to access servers, but it’s odd that the manual would say you can also use the front panel and remote control.

You have to use the app, unlike the previous generation streamers.

Thanks Mike. I wondered that. They should correct the manual though, as it is specific to the NDX2.

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Do you hapoen to know why, seems a backward step to me? Just upgraded nd5xs to ndx2 and missing the control.

No, I don’t sorry. I really like the display for the albums art, it find the menu buttons a bit of an annoyance. I only really use the pause/play button. I would have liked to have forward and reverse controls for track selection.

Thanks, for me it’s input selection I miss. Oh well.

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