Is it time for a service?

I bought my NAIM components around 1996, for most of that time they have been powered on with occasional use. Is it time for a checkup, electrical components don’t last forever. It working okay, with no noticeable issues. Or, do I just leave it and wait until something goes wrong?

Yes. Naim recommend servicing every 8 to 10 years on pre - Black kit (up to 1999) and every 12 to 15 years thereafter, on the Black kit.

I should have mentioned, where do I send it, do NAIM deal direct or do they have approved service partners?

Depends where you are… (your Location is not shown…) Start with your Naim dealer. Naim not not deal direct.

North West UK

Suggest you get in touch with Darren at Class A in Sheffield who is an authorised and cheaper Naim Dealer. Lost of people use him, but you have the advantage of a trip over the snake pass to drop off your gear, which will save having to use a courier.


Perfect, for Class A as @GadgetMan says. Happy to recommend. All my Naim (and Linn) electronics go to @Darran:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I have just completed the full service of all my kit. I would say power amps are a good idea to fully service including recapping. It sounded much less tired when I got it back. I also did the preamp and Supercap as well. Nothing done to the 252 apart from POT reset and one POT was a bit loose. The cds3 was sent back to the UK for a new DAC and transport checkout. The xps2 and hicap were also serviced and re-capped. The SL2 had new tweeters soldered by the dealer and a passive crossover had a broken solder joint recently fixed. Overall it was well worth doing to my ears…
I also serviced chrome bumper amps NAC42N and NAP110 from 1985. Again first service and recap. I am gobsmacked as to how good they sound. Had a session where they replaced the 252 and 300, driving the SL2. Amazing.
Forgot to add that I bought the main system new in 2004. So I guess it was overdue for a service, in particular the 300 and 300PS. Also had the switches replaced on all power supplies because they were failing. The new switches seem different to the old ones even though they look the same on the outside.

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There are official Naim Service agents/partners in the UK, For instance, Class A Audio in Sheffield are an official Naim service agent.

Google “Class A Audio” and you will find their website.

Yebbut Naim is bigger outside the UK than inside the UK. Even within the UK there are multiple accredited service centra but it’s nowhere listed.

There aren’t many. Outside of Naim themselves, in the U.K. you have Class A and I think Graham’s can do some things but I believe that’s about it.

What about the recommended service intervals for the 500 series?

IIRC, Naim reckon around every 15 years for the 500 series.

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The official NaimLore is:

How often should I service my Naim product?

This is a question often asked, and the Service Department recommendations are as follows: for the Chrome bumper (circa 1975 to 1989) and Olive (circa 1989 - 2000) range products, we recommend every 8 - 10 years and for the newer Black products (2000 - present), every 12 - 15 years.

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