Is it worth it

Don’t dismiss :uk::uk: speakers we make some superb speakers. I’m home demoing from my dealer Doug Brady, yes it’s taking time to get right ones but Jon knows they must be :uk::uk:

Tastes are an eternal mystery! :slight_smile:

I have a similar system, 252/SCDR/250DR/NDX2/555PS/Gaia/804D3. I found the speakers are very sensitive to the quality of the pre and source and also positioning and show up system set up issues more than most speakers. Certainly will not flatter the system. Loving them now I have added the 555PS. Worth spending some time on positioning. They are less fussy being close to rear wall than to the side wall or corner of the room. Jumper cables are also worth looking at to add better control to the tweeter. Did not like OEM jumper. For bass NACA5 and TQ Ultra Silver jumpers was very nice. Now upgraded to TQ Silver Diamond for both and they are very special and at least the equivalent of a black box upgrade. Hope you find the sound you are looking for.

The XPS DR is the natural partner in the Naim range. The 555 sounds better it is said, but it is a 500 series product best matched in the 500 range and priced accordingly IMHO.

In my experience the XPS DR is certainly worth it and your system level.


I too upgraded my NDX 2 with a XPS DR and like many here have no regrets at all. Very worthwhile indeed and lifts the player to another level with it’s quieter supplies.


Ditto on the XPS DR mine is powering a nDAC, it’s still new but it’s a very worthwhile uplift.


I have just added my XPS DR (previously used on a Naim DAC and CDX2) to the NDX2. The NDX 2 has a good DAC, so now the old DAC and CDX2 are for sale. As ever with Naim kit the XPS DR brings a big increase in quality. Speed, tone, rhythm all a step up. I did try a PS 555 but did not feel it gave too much extra, however that could be that it was new and not run in. I cannot understand the science behind why these products need running in, but they do. I am very happy with the current combination. By the way if you are looking for great speakers try and find a pair of SL2’s, painful to set up but worth it, and terrific active.


My ndx2 took 6 months I reckon to break in.

Just ordered a new fraim lite base so I can split my rack into two…
waiting for a good xps dr to come up second hand and job done!
Can’t wait !! although not looking forward to redoing all the cables again!
It’s an art in itself to not getting them to touch, not to stress them, connect them then pull em out a bit for better connection… etc etc…

I’ve just sold the 555PS-DR I bought to try with my NDX 2 in November! (YOLO) In many ways, it’s an incredible upgrade that makes amazing hifi - I didn’t really enjoy listening to music for the 3 months it was in my system, though. I also enjoyed an XPS-DR prior to that, but I’m such a fan of the NDX 2 (with just Powerline) and it seems everyone rushes to add a PS.


Refreshing to hear this perspective. Sometimes these things weight more on us than we think and maybe using something simpler just makes music enjoyment overall better.


I notice you have a Hicap on the SN3 , was that more of a worthwhile upgrade for you?

Maybe that’s the real answer. Ndx2 plus powerline rather than xps or 555psu.
I certainly heard a change when I removed my xps. It was in noway unpleasant, but having paid for it, I refitted it and like it more. Bit the gains are disproportionate to the cost. Massively.
Same with adding 2 hicaps to a 282!


Hello! I cannot live without it. I’ve read others saying they didn’t find it that great an upgrade on Supernait 3, or at least not as important as an XPS on the source. That’s the opposite of what I hear… I took it off only last week and lasted 1 day - just more of everything, but whilst being much smoother and real.

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I should add… switch on “Server Mode” too :wink:

Hi - thanks for that.

Everyone views the Hicap DR differently on the SN3 , either little impact or a significant difference.

Seeing that you liked the Hicap so much, curious why the power supplies on the source did nothing for you at all. Or more of a hifi presentation than a musical one if I interpreted what you said correctly.

Mostly everyone rates the PSU on the source highly normally. People hear things so differently.

I hope you gave your burndies a good long shake and destressed them !!

Did I miss the comment about server mode?


oh yes… and then bought a new Burndy incase it was that. I had my XPS for 3 or 4 years, so I didn’t quite mean PSUs aren’t an upgrade - I am convinced 555PS is not a natural pairing for NDX2 though (at least in my system)


Server mode keeps the NDX ‘warmed up’ - made a worthwhile improvement for me as the system is ‘on song’ more quickly.

Oh right I get it.


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