Is Messaging back in some form?

@Richard.Dane has some form of messaging been enabled after three responses to someone? Got this yesterday (although didn’t try it)

Similar discussion to below, but wasn’t really concluded:

I found the same and asked the same question…

Sorry, must have missed that. So it seems to be a “feature” that because Messaging is disabled by Naim, if you click on the option, it just adds your message publically.

I’m not sure - I’ve not tried it but if we respond to each other enough times on this thread then the option should pop up :grinning:

Just a side question, on what criteria does the Forum promote members to regulars?

Messaging should be disabled - i.e. it shouldn’t be possible for anyone other than a member of staff to initiate a message conversation. Once initiated though you are able to reply.

happy to try - nothing yet

Discourse sets the basic criteria.

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2nd reply - nothing yet

need 3

Oh go on then :grinning:

And one for luck

3rd reply - still nothing yet

shall we go for 4?

Go on then

And again

Weird - it doesn’t happen all the time, but I’ve had the option to message someone on various threads. Now when I want to try it, the bloody option doesn’t appear !

This “you replied 3 times, PM instead?” warning came up during all my use of the forum, I think, so 1.5 years or something, despite the PM not actually working

OK, well got the option, and replied clicking on message, then on sending, - then a new thread came up
see "Its a secret"
can you all see it?

Ah… yes I can see it and that’s the option I’ve seen before. Can @Suedkiez see it ?

Do you also see the new thread @Suedkiez ?