Is my journey complete?

Hi all,

Naim audio has been part of my life for 28 years, and over this time I have upgraded steadily. I started with a NAP90 NAC92 CD3, into Linn Keilidhs, then moved to black series with a NAP150 NAC112 CD5, keeping the Keilidhs. A cat related incident wrecked one of the Keilidh bass cones, so I had a brief period with a pair of Monitor Audio speakers, before moving on again to a NAP300 NAC252 into Guru QM10s. This was also the point I embraced streaming with a Slim Devices Transporter as my source. I then introduced the Ovator S600s to replace the QM10s. Next the 252 became a 552DR, and the 300 was replaced by a 300DR. The Transporter was also replaced with a NDS with a 555DR PS. The Ovators were then swapped for Focal Scala Utopia V2s, and a little later the NDS was replaced by a ND555 keeping the single 555DR PS. This is the system I am listening to right now - The Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky. I am expecting to upgrade to a NAP500 later this year. Is the the end of my journey? It certainly is for now.


Great journey and very similar to mine.

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Great Album.

Who knows, I am sure you will continue to consider changes …especially if you hang around here! :wink:

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You should get a Telegram from Naim - better than getting one from the Queen when you reach 100. Congratulations!


As long you are satisfied, no harm will come by resting with the chosen system.
And great system you have sir

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Congratulations, I know you will enjoy your new purchase.

Those Utopia V2s are something very special …your system is going to sound absolutely stunning.

Congratulations.How about a picture?

Rub it in Dave, just rub it in! :roll_eyes::joy::+1:t2:

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At the very least try and do the job properly Dave, and get yourself an FM radio.

Enjoy your system.


Of course not.


It makes the 500 series sound broken and veiled…


There are some pics in the system pictures thread. Have a look there.

Would sticking an old coat hanger in the back of the ND555 work?

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This is what I feared…

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Yes, I love the Focals. Not to everyone’s taste, but they work for me.

Your Utopia’s are exceptional speakers…I tend to think the doubters just enjoy being negative about focal

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Fabulous journey! Unfortunately the path from 92/90 to 552/509 merely brings you to the final test: Nait 2 or Statement.

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I forget now Dave, what cabling have you got?



Super Lumina throughout Lindsay. 7m of speaker, interconnect from ND555 to NAC552 and DIN to XLRs.

Hmmm never tried a Nait. Perhaps that’s the way forward…

Exceptional system…congrats! Is the ND555 beckoning for a 2nd 555PS?