Is my NC NAP250 defective?

My NC gear arrived yesterday, however the NAP250 produces a significant hum through the speakers as soon as it powers on. It plays music, but the sound is overwhelmed by the humming.

The NSC222 seems to be irrelevant in the equation - it makes no difference whether powered on or off, with the ground switch in either position.

I’m using powerlines and the same NAC A5 my NAIT2 was using. Plugged in to the same power strip as the NAIT2 or directly into the wall makes, it no difference.

I’ve reached out to the dealer, but I suspect it will need to be repaired / replaced unless anyone has suggestions I can try. At this point I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can get an advanced replacement … the waiting has already been agony!

Have you checked if it is both speakers or just the one?


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What happens if you disconnect the interconnect between the 222 and the NAP 250? (Do that with the power off though!)

Then power on the NAP 250. Do you still get hum?

Physically disconnecting the NSC222 from the NAP250 was the one thing I hadn’t tried and lo and behold the 250 doesn’t hum when it’s not connected to the 222, so the 222 now looks like it’s the source of the hum.

The only external connections to the 222 are an ethernet cable and power.

More likely the cable. What cable is it and can you try the lavender original one if that’s not what you use?

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I agree, most likely the cable. Out of interest what sort of cables do the NC items come with? Please tell me they’ve improved on the one that comes with the 250!!!

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I’ve now configured WiFi which has eliminated one cable but no improvement.

The 250 comes with XLR cables and an optical system control cable. Next I’ll try different XLRs.

I also think it’s going to be the interconnect cable…

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Good call @Blackbird @BBWan @davidhendon switching to a different set of XLR cables has eliminated the hum.

To say that I’m happy it was such a straightforward fix is an understatement and I’ll buy you each a beer or three if you make it to Raleigh NC :smiley:


Any direct flights from Sweden maybe?


I suggest you raise this with your Naim dealer and ask for your Naim supplied XLR cables to be checked and/or replaced. They were Naim cables…?

Further thought - try putting the Naim XLR cables back in and see if the hum returns. Just in case…

Good idea. Maybe they hadn’t been inserted far enough. If the Naim cables still hum, then they should be replaced. Everything should work.

Yes, they’re the supplied Naim cables. I’ll try them again, making sure they’re fully inserted, once I’m not supposed to be working in a few hours time!

I’m just so relieved I don’t have to wait for equipment repair or replacement as I’ve already waited months. This was a complicated deal that started back in March, but worthwhile as I was able to trade in a lot of old gear.


A poor or missing ground connection would explain your hum.

Can’t your local Raleigh dealer sort out the problem for you?

I’m sure they would, but I don’t know them. They have no storefront or web presence and seem to keep an incredibly low profile.

Ah, OK, I assumed, with it being New Classic gear, that you bought them from the local dealer.

My NC purchase evolved from a trade in inquiry with a well known dealer out west. When I started doing the math I realized I was able to cover 3/4 of the cost of NC gear by trading in old equipment. My wife was satisfied to see 9 boxes of HiFi leave and only two return!

I’m sure the local dealer has good reasoning behind their almost invisible presence, but I find that approach to be a disincentive. We have another local dealer with a storefront but they only sell Muso and Uniti.

Don’t they make bikes?