Is my set up wrong?

I’ve a NDX2, NAC 282, NAP 250 DR, XPS DR, HICAP DR, NAPSC set up. After looking at the attached picture set up I fear I may have a my system set up incorrectly. For my set up, It shows that the NAP 250 DR is connected to the HICAP. But I have the interconnect from NAP 250 DR going straight into the NAC 282.

Can anyone shed some light on this please?



You won’t have caused any damage as the 250 doesn’t have a built in preamp power supply, but your system wiring should be the same as the lower diagram. The 250 should connect to 282 via the Hicap rather than straight to the 282.

As James correctly describes above, signal from preamp to power amp should come via the the HICAP; this keeps the signal and system earth paths close together for best performance.

Okay, so just to clarify. I’m using the super lumina 250 DR interconnect and this goes from the 250 Dr straight into the HICAP?

Yes, any of the three DIN4 outputs will do, but probably best to choose the one next to the DIN5 connection to the pre-amp (as shown in the illustration), that way signal paths are minimised.

We’ll, thank you kindly for clearing that up for me. I’m sure I’ve had it set up wrong the whole time.

I’ve currently got my system on Naim Fraim in this order:

NAC 282
NAP 250 DR

would you recommend I move the HICAP up as the SL cable from 250 Dr to HICAP now touches the floor

Thanks in advance for all your help with this folks

I’d try 282, NDX, Hicap, 250, XPS. That should get both Burndy and SL off the floor.

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I agree with HH on this, 282 on top worked best for me.

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Thank you kindly! I’ll have to wait to move everything around. I’ve gone through 2 fuses in a few days on my XPS DR and only have the one that’s currently in it left. So don’t want to power everything down with the chance of blowing my last fuse on the XPS.

Thanks again for the help everyone :+1:

When you disconnect the XPS from the NDX, make sure you wait a minute or two after turning the XPS off. That way you avoid blowing the fuse, as it gives time for the big capacitors in the XPS to discharge themselves.

Given your previously incorrect wiring, make sure you have removed the mains wire from the NDX. You’ve probably done this. All power comes via the Burndy.

If you want to swap the SL from 282 to hicap, which is something you should do, turn off the 250, then the Hicap, and swap it over. No need to switch off the XPS.

Great stuff,

Yes I’ve moved the SL going from 250 and is now going to the HICAP.

Enjoy your Sunday :blush:

Conversely when I moved my 282/hi/250 fed from a CDX2 to a new room I started with the pre on top but found I preferred the CDX2 there. The CD player was self powered at this point, the 555ps being retained with my main system and that system now had a 552 which definitely performed best on top.

Good morning Richard,

Is there a chance I could have damaged any part of my system, as I’ve had the SL going directly into the 282 since June 2020?



As James wrote above, you won’t have damaged it. Now you are connected properly all will be well. Don’t worry!! All that would have happened was that the signal earthing was sub optimal and sonic performance may have been compromised, but connecting that way cannot damage anything.

As HH says above, there will be no damage, as your power amp doesn’t provide power to the preamp, it’s just you would have been running the system sub-optimally. Don’t fret, it’s a very common error.

Great, thanks for the reassurance :+1:

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