Is Naim re-initiating factory visits?

Hi are factory visits back on???.. I would love to visit if possible…


I don’t know. Your dealer may know though as visits are mostly done via the dealers. One of the items on my agenda when I’m next down at the factory is to discuss the possibility of a forum visit at some point. But of course much has had to change since Covid hit, so the safety and concerns of staff have to be respected as a priority.


Richard, you’ve been talking about this visit for about a year. Your list must be massive by now. You’d better book into a hotel for a week! When I arranged the previous Forum visit I liaised with Trevor, who was then MD. Does Naim actually have someone at Salisbury who would step forward if I were to ask who is in charge?

Do I detect you’re keen to organise another visit? I’ve messaged you as probably something best discussed offline.

When I last visited I did the factory walkaround which was fantastic…but I pretty much missed the session in the dem room … so would love to return and have a good listen in the dem room. Let me know if anything gets organised.

Me too, On my last visit, we were not allowing into the R&D section, coz they were putting the final touches to a rather tall preamp & monoblocks - I wonder what happened to them.

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Add me to any relevant lists as extremely interested. I live less than an hour from Salisbury and have never been able to visit the factory despite enquiring with more than one dealer over the years :cry:

(Within reason!) I’d be happy to accommodate a forumite or two if they lived too far away to to a round trip to Salisbury in a day.


Though it has become an issue to get to the UK from Germany, plus one from here.


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That will always be off limits! There used to be a notice on the door saying “r&d staff only” which was removed by Charlie iirc.

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Alan Brooke is “site director”.

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I’d travel from Germany as well and make a vacation out of it

I’m regularly in the UK, about 1.5 hours drive from Salisbury. So if I can make it overlap I’d love to take a day trip to Salisbury.

Well it looks like it would certainly be well attended. I’dlove to join in if it can happen.

Nice lot of replies…who knows we may meet up! at the mother ship…

That could be anything, and sounds more like caretaker to me.

But we’ll all be wearing masks, coz of Covid.

I bags Batman!

A Naim visit is something I would like to attend if it takes place :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m surprised you wrote that, having suffered meeting me.

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That’s certainly what “site director” meant at my old company!

Quite. That or premises manager. Don’t give them a pay rise, just give an aggrandising title.