Is ndx2 the choice

You wrote that Ndx2 is not recommended for you, that a Mac Mini into a dedicated dac sounds much better for you.
However you haven’t precised that your dac costs twice the price of the Ndx2 alone. It’s the TAD DA1000.
You can’t compare.


Hi, my main point is that Audirvana as a streamer into the NDX2 sounded much better than NDX2’s native Qobuz connection to my ears, therefore I believe that Audirvana installed on a PC is a better streamer than the NDX2 (see my first paragraph). As the OP already has a great DAC, the NDX2 may therefore not be much better as the NDAC may be as good or better than the DAC part of the NDX2, and my experience suggests that Audirvana is a better streamer than that in the NDX2… of course, this is just my opinion…

PS. I had an NDX2 before I changed it for the TAD Dac. And I changed it because of the above reason

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Ok, i understand more now. Thanks

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