Is self isolating helping you to rediscover your album collection?

While being locked inside is so frustrating, I find my evenings listening to music have given me some respite from the worries and strains the Covid-19 virus has brought into my life. What’s more, I’ve taken time to listen to some of those albums that were tossed aside after a single listen. I’m sure many of you will have them.

So far I’ve discovered I love K T Tunstall’s “Eye To The Telescope” and Edie Brickell’s “Shooting Rubber Bands At The Stars” as well as reaffirming that I can’t get on with Miles Davis’s “Kind Of Blue”, Steely Dan’s “Aja” and Captain Beefheart’s “Lick My Decals Off Baby” is still a difficult listen.

What I also think is weird is that some of the albums I have bought on recommendation, like the last three of those listed above, have left me cold whereas others that I have bought just because I liked the cover (Electric Ladyland - I was sixteen, give me a break) have enthralled me for years.

What stuff have you guys found while in lockdown?

Steve O.

Hi Steve,

If you look here, I think you’ll get a good idea of what’s being hunted out of collections.

It’s amazing how our own tastes/preferences may have changed over the years. The list of female vocal I have, primarily on CD, which causes me to question ‘why did I buy this’ is very long - especially some of the Americana-style stuff, much of which sounds pretty much the same to me now. Of course, when it was bought, it was likely a critics’ choice or per a mag review.

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No, it’s my 13th day in quarantine (because of a regulation, not because I’m infected) and I don’t listen to old albums that don’t run every now and then anyway. There is a reason why I haven’t heard them for years. Even the current situation doesn’t change that.

BTW, the virus name is SARS-CoV-2, and the lung disease caused in some cases is called covid-19. IMHO there is no reason to be so incorrect as the most of the news. :wink:

@SteveO, all the best wishes to you and your wife, hope she is healthy as soon as possible.

Thanks for the kind wishes Ragman, but it was “respite from the worries and strains the Covid-19 virus has brought into my life”, not “into my wife”.
We’re in lockdown as my Dad has health issues and takes medication that is immuno-suppressant. Stay safe everyone.

As for “there is a reason why I haven’t heard them for years”, well, that’s what I thought and the spark behind the post :shushing_face:

I’d forgotten that I’d recorded back in 2005, a BBC Radio 2 broadcast of Duran Duran live in concert from The Hammersmith Odeon and it’s rather enjoyable. Just listening to it for the third time today!

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