Is slight hiss normal on Nac 82?

Hello, I recently purchased a NAC 82 with high cap. I was told the unit was recently serviced and has the pots 8 upgrade.

Firstly I am very happy with the sound, it is a very good match with my 250-2. My only complaint is a faint hiss coming out of the speakers. To most this may not even be audible but i am very particular. My listening room is also fairly small so its noticable. I have isolsted the hiss to the nac 82 as there is no change when I switch amps.

My question is, is this normal or can it be fixed? If this is a normal trait of the 82 is there another naim preamp that runs silent? I’d be willing to consider a nac 282 or possibly 252 if there is an improvement and no hiss.

Thanks in advance!

It’s normal and down to the high gain of Naim pre-amps. It shouldn’t be obtrusive though from the listening position, although it will spend somewhat on distance, speaker cabling, acoustics and how tipped up the HF response is on the speakers.

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Mute the Nac 82 when you are not listening to music, then you have no hiss in the speakers.

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Do you know if this “hiss" carried over to the 282 or was it just on tbe 82?

I’d expect it to be there on the NAC282.


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