Is the burndy plug used on the ndac the same used on the hdx?

I am going to take my old ndac out to one of my friends trying to sell it.
The plan is to move his xps from the hdx to the ndac. He is not sure if he has lost the original link plug supplied with the hdx, and this would be needede since the xps most likely should be used on my ndac.
This works out fine if the burndy plug I have for my ndac can be used in the hdx when we connect the ndac to it, but if these plugs are different we have to find the original hdx plug somewhere.

I’m fairly sure that the Burndy link plugs are unique in layout to each device. You should probably ask Naim support to be sure. Do NOT just try fitting a different link plug to any Naim device as you may well end up causing damage if you do manage to get it to fit/engage.

They do appear to be different


The Burndy link plug for the HDX has nine pins whereas the Burndy link plug for the Naim DAC has eleven pins

Sure looks like hdx has 13

Thanks for the answers! We ended up finding the original plug that came with the hdx originally and now everything works and my ndac has started it’s new life.
I always forget how temperamental the hdx is when the ps is used on it. No matter how small a change you make just changing the analog cable seems to require a total restart of both hdx and psu!

Yes, I agree that the photo above of the rear of the HDX looks like the plug should have 13 pins but I counted the actual pins in the HDX Burndy plug that I have and there were 9.

Glad the OP found his plug though :slight_smile:

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