Is the DC1 cable directional like the HiLine?

Crazy question, is the DC1 cable directional?
I’ve searched the forum but haven’t seen the topic approached.

Yes, I think there’s a thread about this on the old forum. I haven’t used mine for ages, so can’t remember which way round it goes. FWIW, in a spirit of experimentation, I did try it the other way and couldn’t detect a difference, but no doubt others could.


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Thanks! I will “try” a search on the old site later this evening. I honestly forgot about the old forum and its wealth of information.

Tried it (Allo DigiOneSig → nDAC).

Made no difference

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Depends on what your using it to connect.
If your using the cable to connect a CD player to a dac stage you should ideally reverse it.
So it’s a 1CD cable. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


FWIW I find the direction with the DC1 label around the cable at the digital source/transport end sounds best with Chord Dave driven by my NDX2. Not much in it, but I do have preference.
I have no idea whether it is supposed to make a difference or not and can’t remember seeing anything about… I have arrived here through my own listening evaluation.

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Yes this is the way I’ll try it tonight. DC1 Label around the cable at the digital source/transport end, in my case the ND5X2…

The normal convention would be for the " n" of naim dc1 to be towards the digital source.

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Saying that, never tried it the other way. Can’t be arsed to fret over it. Doubt I could hear any difference anyway.
Just use mine to go between cd5xs and ndx2/xpsdr. Does a good job at that.

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I just looked and mine has been reversed for some time now to be honest. Anyway can’t hurt to get it right.

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