Is the Nap 250dr a good match for the Harbeth 40.3xd

I never heard the 40.3 xd yet but am guessing from what I know about the shl5’s that I had for many years in comparison the the 5xd’s that I have been using for the last 2 years.I heard the 40.1 and .2 but not recently in various setups and was left with a very nice overall impression of them.

in the FWIW dept, I had a 200/202 set up driving totem forests. I moved to harbeth p3esrXR and like them more. I thought the totems were power hungry but the harbeths need more

So I suppose you could drive the 40.3 with a 250 but I am not sure that is optimal

The reason is the Harbeth sounded like mud with most amps I tried. :grin:
My benchmark when evaluating the Harbeth is they need to sound good with rock music. They all failed miserably when matched with the SHL5s, about 7 amps both integrated and pre/power.

I have the same criteria

Dynaudio on the other hand have the same design philosophy as naim and prioritise timing as their main USP

I listen mainly to rock. I had the SHL5+ 40th before swapping them with the 40.2s.
Both of them, in my room and with my system, work really well with rock. I used a 300DR with the SHL5s and first 300DR, then 500 then eventually 500DR with the 40.2s. 552 was the preamp in both cases. ND555 as source.

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552 is in a different league than the 282 so I would expect the Harbeth to work a lot better(with 552) in rock music. The start and stop of notes especially the bass lines are more pin point and accurate when the SHL5 is driven by the 202/200 and 282/250DR.

The Harbeth sounded worst with Plinius as the bass was in a mess when it was pumping. The only good aspect with the Plinius (Class A) is the warm midrange and tube-like glow in the treble.

Wow! Can’t imagine how that setup would sound with recordings of full orchestra.

Went to a HIFI show in Stockholm today with 40.3 in one of the rooms.


Good post, Music.

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Not sure about the 40.3 but I had the 30.1 with with 282 and 250 dr and it was a very good combination. Then moved on to dynaudio confidence 20. Both worked well but looking to move back to floor standers. Under consideration but difficult to see / hear around here are kudos titan 606 and also stenheim alumine 3. Even though they won’t be moved once in place, the weight on either worries me although the stenheim ar twice as heavy.

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What did you think of it?

Not a favourite of mine at the show but might have been to low wattage tube amp. This was my favourite.


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What speakers are they?

Next upgrade @Slamdam?

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Speakers are Verity Arindal. Rest was

Ypsilon DAC-1000
Ypsilon Phaethon
Aurender Streamer N30SA

Out of budget :see_no_evil:

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I once heard a full Ypsilon system, on YG speakers. I like the look of Ypsilon electronics. They are using tubes too.
Despite using tubes, I found the sound very cold and lean, but holographic and detailed, with very good dynamics.

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What I experienced with the SHL5s in particular is that they seem to have a rather narrow sweet listening spot and it only takes a a couple of inches to loose focus and go all a bit woolly. If one keeps Inside of it one can even try rock … a little? : )

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Interesting. I get a pretty balanced sound sitting at either end of my 7 foot couch. Facing the speakers of course😉

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Great couch!: )

yes. I have ordered a new one. Think it will be a significant upgrade in room acoustics.
However will not be available till 2024 due to increase in demand and supply chain disruptions. :wink:Hoping to get my nap 250 in time for it.