Is the NAS dead? Reappraised

Home broadband down now for over 6 hours, managing to connect via an EE mi-fi device I use for UK trips/holidays.

However fast our internet connectivity we are as vulnerable from a streaming viewpoint as we would be to power failures.

I won’t be getting rid of my NAS anytime soon.


I’ve just bought a new NAS to replace my 7 year old one.


A NAS and a stack of replacement hot swap disks is a must have for the Zombie Apocalypse. No self respecting survivalist should be without one.


What about the electricity? :thinking:

Generator. In fact, as we prepare to move, a generator as part of disaster preparedness kit is high on the list.

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When streaming connectivity is on the fritz (and it rarely is) I turn to my FAS (floor attached storage)…


Solar! Well, it works in Colorado . . . with a battery backup for nighttime. The Musk residential battery is intriguing . . .

Looked at some battery back up options which may have been from Tesla just out of curiosity - can’t remember if it was suggested that they’re quite noisy power supplies? Not sure, but I’ve always felt it would be lovely to have an independent non-mains connected power setup for the audio system if it was auibly quiet. Seem to remember some old turntable PSUs which were battery powered, but maybe they were DC powered and noise in introduced when converting to AC?

Clearaudio has a battery-based power supply upgrade for my turntable (Ovation). The Smart Power is a 24V battery-based DC power supply that replaces the wall wart. I think it’s about US $2500.


M-Disc BluRay backups stored
in a fireproof data safe at work. Can’t be too cautious.
That and vinyl of course, both should survive an electromagnetic pulse, most telecoms networks would be knocked out in a blink of course.

I suspect a lot of hifi equipment would die with the EMP.

Keep a valve amp handy as a backup!

I think Pink Triangle used to have a battery powered PSU which is why I mentioned it - I have an old PT Anniversary in need of a new bearing and a bit of TLC plus PSU repair - must see what can be repaired these days.

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