Is the ND555 too good for 252/300?

Maybe the 552 is better at revealing what the 2nd PS brings than the 252. I shall believe that.

That seems reasonable to me!

I don’t know if I fully get this thread part. But let me answer with my understanding. There is a certain hierarchy in doing things. For instance putting a ND555 in front of a 252 is a good and possible option. The 252 is good enough to let you notice the difference with the NDS for instance. However a 2nd ps and it’s benefits would only shine with the 552 or even the statement pre…, with a 252 it will be the limiting factor.

The ND555 in combination with the 252 as such can make sense - especially if you assume you will make an upgrade at some point in time to the 552.


…and one additional topic as implied earlier. The 2nd ps does make a big difference with the ND555. I personally regard it as an upgrade which makes my music so much more natural and refined. I wouldn’t want to be without it anymore…

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@Filipe you might want to try the Shiit Eitr USB-SPDIF converter, in my system this is a worthwhile improvement over the Audiophilleo+PP

The ND555 will absolutely sing with a 252/300. So will the NDS.

I found the second PS on the NDS to transform it into something even better (which I would have thought impossible before trying the second PS). Our ND555 has always run with two PS so I couldn’t comment on that.

Although I don’t regret moving on from the NDS, it remains a superb streamer, still one of the best you can buy - and now one of the best value for money streamers you can buy.

Similarly, although I don’t regret moving from 252 to 552, and later from 300 to 500, the 252/300 is a superb combination which made me almost believe in synergy. I think it is still the best value for money pre/power combo in the Naim range.

Source first or amps first, you can’t lose. Not with these components.


Interesting to know, but quite content. I think system matching makes a difference. I feel the 552/500 is matched to mine whereas the 252/300 DR was not. There were early Genesis albums where things that were odd turned out to be Peter Gabriel moving around. Hearing is a very sophisticated sense. 500 is superb at creating a soundstage. Everything I read and hear tells me certain characteristics are demanding. I don’t fancy ND555 with 2 PS!


Oh I think you would!

I’m happy to be tested!


Maybe after the 552 though.

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