Is the streaming section of my N272 a dead duck?

A year ago i invested in a used N272, then added an XPS and a Nordost ethernet cable for the specific purpose of getting the best streaming experience.
For the last year i’ve tried over and over again to make tidal work via the naim app with very little success. So i’ve given up and now stream from the tidal app via Chromecast to my new tv then into my 272 with an optical cable.
My query is, is the streaming section of my N272 a dead duck? Or do naim have any plans to fix/update the streaming section or app?
I’ve been a naim customer for twenty years and feel a bit cheated as i see a lot of dealers still selling the N272 (at discount) even though there clearly is a problem with tidal.
I would be interested in hearing from N272 owners and how they stream tidal to they’re 272 for best sound quality.


Have you updated the 272 to the latest firmware?

Something isn’t working properly if you can’t reliably stream Tidal to your 272 using the native Naim app control. As Guinnless says, you should certainly be using the latest firmware (version 4.7) as there were some Tidal fixes in the last few releases.
If that doesn’t solve your problem, it could be a network issue. Are you using it over WiFi?

Thanks for the reply Guinnless and Chris.
How do i update the firmware ?

Link:- Updates | Naim Audio

It also says if you are on version 3.0 or earlier to contact Naim support…best check before updating what version you are running.

Version is 4.4.00!

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Thanks for the link.After watching the YouTube update instructions, as i don’t have access to a laptop or any computer skills, i may be screwed!

Surely you know someone with a computer who could download for you? Or if you bought via a dealer i would give them a ring, alternatively enquire if a dealer would do at a small cost?

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Not too bad but as Gazza suggested can you borrow a laptop from someone

For future reference, it’s actually only Uniti 1s that ever had 3.0, or so I was told by Phil Harris back in the day.



It only takes about 15 mins to do. If you have a Naim dealer nearby, they would probably do it for you, although they might charge a little as you didn’t buy from them.

Or maybe find a forum member nearby who could do it for you. What is your nearest town/city?





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